Autumn Awesomeness…

Autumn is here…and Gizmo is loving it!!

Lots of trees to climb, leaves to play with, and warm humans to curl up on…!! Here are a selection of my recent photos! (I’m still not totally mastering my new camera phone…I hope I get used to it soon!!)

Id love to hear if your kitties like the Autumn and how they make the most of the season!!edf









4 thoughts on “Autumn Awesomeness…

  1. Beautiful pictures of Gizmo. Our kitties loves also autumn. Especially this year because we have very good weather with temperatures up to 22° ans many sunshine. Purrs to Gizmo from all of us kittens and a big hug from our mom.

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  2. I’m pleased to hear your kitties love the autumn too! It seems to have reignited Gizmos ‘inner kitten’, as he is full of fun and mischief! It’s lovely to watch him outdoors, but not so lovely to see him causing chaos destroying the wallpaper in the office?! He’s systematically shredding it and pulling it off the walls… Thank goodness we only have wallpaper in one room!? X

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