Is Gizmo involved in Kitty Crime spree?!

Do you ever get the feeling that your kitty is hiding something from you?! Well, today, Gizmo has given me reason to think he is hiding a secret…

His suspicious behaviour makes me think that he has been up to something, but I’m not sure what, or if I will ever find out?!

You see, we live in a lovely quiet street. Nothing remotely exciting/dangerous/interesting ever happens here, its rare to see someone in the street that we dont recognise, and actually, thats a brilliant thing!! (Well, we get door to door salesmen, which is incredibly irritating, but apart from that, its pretty quiet here!).

However, we ALL seem to have noticed the Police Van driving up and down our street today – twice. This is REALLY really unusual. As one of my neighbours said to me, police presence is supposed to make us feel safe and reassured – but it has actually made us all nervous?! What/who are they looking for?!

So imagine my concern this morning, when the Police van drove up my street, turned round at the end of the road, and drove VERY slowly passed my house, looking in our direction?! Gizmo also saw the police activity, and no word of a lie, he looked very suspicious and crept out of the room…

Should I be worried?!


Has he been ‘up to no good’ in a nearby street? Has a poor child been devastated by their pet hamster been stolen by a tabby cat?! Has Gizmo been thieving items of value from a neighbour and been seen running back in the direction of my house?!

I heard a news report a few days ago about a cat in Bristol that had stolen some illegal drugs and brought them home to his owner?! Oh no, I hope Gizmo hasnt been inspired by this and performed a copy-cat crime?!

I just want to make it clear; if Gizmo is involved in ANY kind of crime, I have NO knowledge of it, I am NOT involved… and (so far) I have NOT found any items in my house that shouldn’t be here?!! But I will keep an eye on Gizmo, and have a look behind the sofa, under the bed and on top of the wardrobe, just incase I find a hidden stash of ‘gifts’?!

Should I be preparing myself for a knock on the front door in the next few days?! I hope not…

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