Another year older and wiser?! Nope, not for Gizmo…

Happy Birthday to Gizmo!! Somehow, he has made it to his 3rd birthday in one piece!? My wallpaper and curtains aren’t lucky enough to say the same thing?! I’m not sure Gizmo understands the concept of growing older and wiser!?

All his adventures and naughtiness show no sign of stopping!? I hope he spends the day doing his favourite things – climbing trees, sleeping, and playing with toys smothered in catnip!

(His Human Slave however, is not feeling well so is going back to bed 😦 )

Happy Birthday little guy… here’s hoping we have many more years together…

4 thoughts on “Another year older and wiser?! Nope, not for Gizmo…

  1. Happy birthday Gizmo. Meowmy wouldn’t have you any other way than batty crazy so I guess you’d better carry on like that. Hope you made her feel better by snuggling up with her at least part of the day?

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