Can Gizmos Gifts get any WEIRDER!!?

Just when we think Gizmos ‘gifts’ cant get any more unusual, he rises to the challenge?! We are getting used to Phillip, the ‘pet’ pheasant coming into our garden each day, but so far, Phillip has stayed in the garden, or in the greenhouse and has not yet ventured into the house?! Gizmo has admired Phillip from a distance for a while now, but yesterday, I think he put his ‘brave pants’ on and went for a closer look…

Phillip was happily strutting his stuff inside the greenhouse, staring at himself in the reflection on the glass, when Gizmo decided to get closer for a better look. Phillip was not happy about Gizmos approach, especially when Gizmo jumped into the greenhouse to join him?! At this point, I witnessed Phillip flying straight up in the air, making a loud calling noise, flapping his wings with feathers falling to the floor, and at the same time Gizmos shadow is rapidly flying up the garden towards the house, wondering what on earth just happened?! Lets just say, Gizmo is TERRIFIED and I dont think he will be approaching Phillip in close proximity for a while?!

Back to the gifts – Gizmo has excelled himself recently with his LIVE gifts. A few weeks ago, we had a suspicion that there was a ‘gift’ in our kitchen, but we couldnt identify what it was, or where it was hiding?! Sometimes, we could be sitting in the living room, and hear this feint thumping/fluttering noise from the kitchen…but upon getting into the kitchen, the noise would stop. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it turned out to be a rather impressive rabbit, stuck behind out fridge-freezer?! Upon finding it, it was released into the garden when Gizmo wasnt looking!

But last week, Gizmo really excelled himself with his weird gifts. I was trying to sleep one evening, and was woken by commotion in the conservatory, where I found Gizmo sitting on the floor squeaking, staring up at a bat that was doing circuits and dives at top speed?! Yes, you heard me; an actual bat fluttering its bat wings, flying frantically around the edge of the room, occasionally diving to the floor and gliding back to the ceiling! Unfortunately I didnt get a photo of the bat visit, but trust me, it was very real and I hope its not in a hurry to return!! Id love to know what type of bat it was, but I was busy opening the doors, trying to encourage it outside, whilst occupying Gizmo! How on earth Gizmo managed to catch a bat, I will never know!!?

But this morning, Gizmo brought home yet another weird gift. I was alerted to his behaviour by one of our local magpies, who screams at Gizmo when he is outside?! This is now a regular sound between the hours of 5am – 7am, and I can always tell when Gizmo is in the garden, or being chased home…the magpie tells me! So, I heard the magpie screaming, and a few minutes later, Gizmo appeared at the bottom of the garden with something in his mouth. He stopped halfway up the garden, dropped said gift, and put his paw on it. I quickly picked up my mobile phone, before heading outside; closing the door on my way out! I went to investigate, and this is what I found…

Well, on first inspection, I thought this new gift was dead, as it lay on its back, unresponsive to Gizmos touch…but in typical Gizmo style, his gift was very much alive…

Thanks Gizmo, but gifts are REALLY NOT NECESSARY – especially the weird gifts!!? If you insist on bringing something home, please stick to collecting the rubber bands that the postman drops on a daily basis in our street… We can add to our collection that youve already helped us to retrieve…?!

What is the weirdest gift your kitty has ever brought you?! Am I the only one that gets unusual (very much alive) gifts from their feline friend?! Leanne x (Gizmos Human Slave)

11 thoughts on “Can Gizmos Gifts get any WEIRDER!!?

  1. Our Stella is an inside cat so no live gifts but I can’t have roses as she loves to eat them!!! Also you should tell the postman that he could make a lot of animals very ill by dropping elastic bands. Surgery could be required if any animal eats them and some dogs and cats do that. Also birds!!

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  2. Ah, good idea to keep roses away from your kitty ♡ We (and Gizmo) are pretty good at collecting rubber bands, we have quite a collection. We are hoping to get enough of a collection to sell them back to Royal Mail in the near future…!? (And at the same time, pointing out that the postie is littering and it is not acceptable…). Thankfully, Giz brings them home but doesn’t eat them…mind you, we confiscate them as soon as we find them… x


  3. so far my three Bengals between then have gifted me ..many an endangered shrew and dormouse, assortment of baby and full grown birds .. including a balck bird( that had a sense of humor failing about its capture) we have had elder flowers, bugs, a pebble!!! 0.O – that was from Quinn the Eskimo he was very proud of that. but my most weirdest gift has to be a horse shoe! my boy eric saw the farrier and i pay attention to my horse and its feet so decided to take one of the shoes discarded by the farrier… he took it and hid it in my bed, i spent an uncomfortable night with something digging into me and in the morning when i investigated every inch of the bed in daylight found the shoe..!!!

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  4. Oh my, that’s quite a collection of gifts from your kitties!! They must love you lots!!! Giz usually brings home gifts that are still very alive – apart from the rubber bands! Lol


  5. i love my gang so much, the girl of my group is very much queen bee, with the two boys on equal footing .. although Eric is considerably more intelligent then poor Quinn who we are sure was dropped on his head at birth! both boys are snuggle bag pusses, happy my girl is more aloof preferring to love me when we are alone from any other nasty humans (she doesn’t want anyone to get any ideas that she loves me) – i forgot to add happy’s most recent proud gift… a dead baby adder (i checked all my cats thoroughly before disposing of the snake to make sure they hadn’t been bitten thankfully none had) – most of the bird are alive gifts, sadly the shrews are always deceased, and its 50/ 50 with the dormouse… Eric has been stalking the squirrel and rabbits recently so i am excepting larger more furry gifts in the future :S

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  6. Lol, I know how you feel about expecting a larger gift!? Giz has been within a whisker of catching a squirrel several times, but as yet, thankfully he hasn’t succeeded!? Your kitties sound wonderful ♡ They sound like such characters!!


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