Gizmo and Phillip the ‘Pet’ Pheasant…?!

We live in rural Cornwall, in a quiet street with a few bungalows, just off a country lane. Nearby we have a few farms, and acres of farmland. As a result, we get some unusual wildlife in our area!? In previous years, before Gizmo came into our lives, we had two young deer that used to visit our back garden and eat the fallen apples on the ground!

A few weeks ago, we were confronted with a rogue flock of sheep that had escaped from god knows where, and ended up in our front gardens?! Thankfully for Gizmo, he was asleep during the sheep fiasco, but the same cant be said about our latest garden guest?!

For a few weeks, we have been having a HUGE pheasant visit our back garden. He visited our garden so often, that we named him ‘Phillip the Pheasant’. Even the ducks didnt think of Phillip as a threat, and the three feathered beasts existed in the garden with no sign of animosity or aggression.

Phillip seemed pretty unphased by humans in the garden, so we think he must have been reared in captivity, or at least he is used to humans being in close proximity. But we left him well alone, and Gizmo would watch him from the kitchen window without showing any interest in investigating further. That was, until today.

Today, Phillip discovered the warmth of our greenhouse. I’m as suprised as you about this; prey instinct should surely tell the pheasant not to get himself cornered, but that is exactly what he did!?

I assumed that after Phillip realised there was no food in there, he would come out. But Phillip decided he liked our greenhouse, and there he stayed for most of the day!

Gizmo at first, didn’t notice our greenhouse guest. He was sitting on the lawn, happily posing for photos!

That was, until Phillip attracted his attention…

Luckily for Phillip, Gizmo realised Phillip was MUCH bigger than him, and decided to keep his distance! But Giz convinced himself to take a closer look…

Phillip was not worried about this little confrontation, and stepped towards Gizmo… Giz then decided that Phillip was more than welcome in the greenhouse, and left him to it!?

I don’t think Gizmo is going to be bringing Phillip inside the house as a ‘gift’, but Phillip is so brave and bold, he might invite himself in through the back door!? Watch out Giz, you might have a new house guest soon!?

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