Gizmo and the MASSIVE mouse…

Last night was another of those nights, where my sleep was interrupted due to a certain Mr Gizmo bringing home yet another ‘very much alive gift’. When I got up this morning, Gizmo was asleep in the kitchen, so I guessed he was guarding the latest mystery gift…whatever it may be.

This is sometimes a good indicator of where the mystery gift is…but very often, Gizmo seems to forget where the gift is, losing track of it completely?! He can be certain its behind the fridge, but in a lapse of concentration, the gift has legged it across the kitchen and into the office, without him noticing.

Anyway, relatively confident the gift is in the office/kitchen area, I laid out two humane traps, and carried on with my day; happy that the mystery gift would be hungry enough to find the scrummy biscuits I put out for it inside the traps. After it had eaten a meal, I would be able to release him back into the garden.

I hadn’t given the situation any extra thought, until this afternoon when I was sat on the sofa, frantically responding to emails on my laptop, when something caught my attention on the floor. To my surprise, a gigantic mouse was sat, staring at me. As soon as it saw me staring at it, it ran back into the office and hid somewhere. And where was Gizmo during this flurry of excitement I hear you ask? Sleeping on my bed of course?!!

About 30mins later, Gizmo appeared from his snooze, and sat in the office, staring in the direction of one of the traps. We could hear tiny scratching noises behind the filing cabinet, so knowing the mouse was on the move, (and after letting Giz stare for a minute), I evicted Gizmo to another room, and waited.

It didnt take long for the gigantic mouse to (somehow) squeeze out from behind the cabinet, and sat infront of the trap, but didnt seem keen to have another meal. Mind you, looking at the size of the mouse, I dont think he was hungry!! I havent seen a mouse that big for a long time; he was the size of a hamster and probably didnt think he could fit in the trap, designed for a smaller rodent?!

I grabbed the closest cardboard box I could find, and set to work channelling the mouse into the box. In a few seconds, I heard him scramble into the box, and I closed the lid.

Blimey, that was one big mouse. I even popped the box on the scales before releasing him!

That might not sound a lot, but having rescued a LOT of Gizmos gifts over the past 2.5years, let me assure you, this was a big one!

I carried the box down the garden, found a secluded spot and released him back into the garden, much to Gizmos annoyance!!

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