Does the kitty language include swearwords?!

I am NOT a popular human this afternoon. I had a text message last week from Gizmos vet practice, letting me know that Giz is due for his annual check up and booster vaccine. I couldnt find the time last week to book the appointment, so first thing this morning I decided to get the ball rolling and got an appointment for lunchtime today.

Since he was poorly a few years ago, Giz HATES going to the vets. He HATES going in the car, and I now fear he HATES me for putting him through this ordeal on a sunny day when he could have been snoozing in a sun puddle, or playing in the trees in the garden?!

Gizmo shouted at me ALL the way to the vets, he continued loudly when in the waiting room, and then yelled ALL the way home… In fact, he told me off so much I wouldnt be surprised if he now has a sore throat?! I know I have a sore head…

When Giz was called into the examination room, he was put on the scales, given a health check, and given his vaccination. The vet said he has the healthiest and glossiest coat she has felt in a long time! I’m not sure Gizmo appreciated the compliment!?

Since getting home, Gizmo has hardly looked in my direction, let alone allowed me to touch him! I’m sure normality will be resumed tomorrow morning when he demands to be fed at dark o’clock…

I’d love to be able to totally understand kitty vocalisation, and if they have swear words in their language?! If they do, I’m pretty sure I have heard Gizmos entire repertoire today?!

4 thoughts on “Does the kitty language include swearwords?!

  1. Nattypuss hates the cage, going to the vets, and travelling in the car and howls loudly the whole but the minute we step inside the Vets she is as quiet as a mouse, not a squeak out of her – you woukdn’t Believe she’d been swearing her head off the whole time before we arrived!

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