How I long to go for a pee in peace…

Almost two years ago, I wrote about Gizmos habit of following me to the bathroom. I would love to say that two years on, he has grown out of this, and he no longer feels the need to supervise me when I go into the bathroom, but if anything, his behaviour has got worse?! Especially in recent weeks…

It has become normal for me to actually look for Gizmo before entering the bathroom, as I know the mayhem that ensues if I DARE to go in without him and shut the door.

No one else in the house has this problem; they can all go for a pee in peace…but not me?!

So, the other night, I was wide awake at 1am. Trying not to wake anyone else in the house, I crept towards the bathroom and in the dark, looked for Gizmos body that is usually stretched out on the floor near my bedroom. Nope, definitely no sign of Giz. I crept into the bathroom, quietly shut the door, and was mid-wee before I heard the noise I really didnt want to hear… Gizmo was quietly squeaking at the door, wanting to come in.

Oh bugger.

I decided to ignore his futile attempt to get my attention. He will give up in a minute, right?!

Oh, how wrong I was, and to make it worse, my bladder seemed to be taking an eternity to empty!! This must have REALLY irritated Gizmo?! The situation quickly escalated from a tiny squeak, to a persistent howl, and then he pulled out the ‘grand finale’…he started clawing at the bottom corner of the door as loudly and quickly as his claws could cope with, before somehow managing to get his paw UNDER the door, scrambling for traction?! His efforts resulted in Gizmo actually damaging the front of the door…!! Oops…

So there I am, having a mega long wee, knowing that Gizmo has now woken EVERYONE in the house up, and told EVERYONE I have locked him out of the bathroom. What am awful human I am?! How dare I go for a wee without his supervision or approval!!?

This situation is unfortunately becoming a more regular occurrence… and I’m trying to think of a solution?! Do you think if I install a cat flap in the bathroom door, his behaviour will improve?!

(Photo of Giz was taken then I moved flowers safely out of his reach, before anyone tells me how dangerous they are!)

4 thoughts on “How I long to go for a pee in peace…

  1. Yes, Gizmo also enjoys cuddles in the bathroom!? Was a bit off putting two years ago, but it’s ‘normal’ now! The difficult thing is making sure I’m quick enough to sit down before he jumps in the loo!?


  2. Put in a cat door and I am sure the behaviour would stop. LOL The bathrooms are off limits and closed all the time here, so Giz would have it rough. I don’t know the answer to stopping the behaviour, but you can always hope, or just stick to your guns and keep him out! You never want to reinforce unwanted behaviour.


  3. Ha ha ha. Reminds me when I worked at Belmont Equestrian Centre in the 8os. The Manager’s Jack Russell took a liking to me and thus she was mine part time when I was at the yard and she wod follow me around. Whenever I went to the loo she would sit outside and so everyone would know I was in there. If I took too long she would start whining and thus attracting attention far and wide lol!! Water pistol make work for Gizmo lol😊🐱🐹🐭🐹🐱

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