Ah, sunshine…welcome back!?

It seems to have been a long winter. So long, that Gizmo and I had forgotten what sunshine is!? Only 2 days ago, we had snow. The impact of snow in central Cornwall can be described in one word; chaos!? Snow lasted a few hours and literally brought Cornwall to a standstill!? Gizmo seemed fascinated by the white stuff, but he soon decided that he dislikes getting cold feet, so spent most of Wednesday sleeping!? Typical Gizmo…

Today, we had a nice suprise…sunshine!? Although it was cold, it was lovely to be reminded what the sun looks like! Gizmo had such a good time this afternoon, climbing trees at speed!?

He was happily leaping from tree to tree, launching himself from branches, and generally proving he has AMAZING balance, and no fear of heights!?

After an epic exercise session, he then ran to the front garden and climbed the palm tree…adopting the perfect position for carrying out the ‘neighbourhood watch’ scheme!? Thanks Giz, doing your bit for our neighbourhood!?

Gizmo would love to hear your thoughts...

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