Is Gizmo losing his touch!?

I’m not sure if it’s an age thing, or if Gizmo is losing his touch, but he’s going to have to try harder if he still insists on being fed at the ‘normal’ time of 5am!?

Take this morning, for example. I’m having a lovely week off work, and enjoying not getting up at 5am, but I still expected Gizmo to demand his breakfast at the usual time and I’m fine with this… I’m happy to get up at 5am, feed him, and go back to bed.

Unfortunately for Giz, this morning he woke me up at 4am, and tried to convince me to feed him then, but I took one glance at the clock, and told him (by glancing at him in the dark) he is totally out of luck-try again later. This was Gizmos first mistake… trying to wake human an hour early annoyed her immensely!!

I think he understood my sentiments, because he lay down on the bed and quietly went to sleep! Phew.

The next thing I knew, it was 6.30am, and Gizmo was exercising his claws on the new little scratch post in the corner of my room. I pretended I couldn’t hear him. I lay still, with my eyes closed, waiting to hear his next move. I heard the patter of his feet walk round the edge of the bed, where I’m assuming he looked up at me, before walking back to the bottom of the bed and started scratching some paperwork in my cabinet. Little monster was having a wonderful time, making lots of noise, and rearranging my paperwork!?

Despite the noise he was making, I somehow fell back asleep, and woke up again at 8am… oops. I obviously needed my sleep!!

By this point, Giz had obviously given up trying to wake me, but I could see him through a gap in my bedroom doorway; he was lying in the corridor, waiting for me.

He was SO pleased when I got up and he got his wet food, he purred all the way into the kitchen, nearly tripping me up several times on the way. He still had a bowl FULL of dry food, but obviously he wanted the wet stuff for his brekkie!?

Is Giz losing his touch at getting me out of bed, or am I becoming immune to his demands!? Either way, I think he had forgiven me by this evening, as we both enjoyed a quiet night in, cuddled up on the sofa ♡

I wonder what time the little darling will demand breakfast tomorrow!?

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