Christmas Gifts!?

Gizmo and I hope that everyone reading this had a lovely Christmas day! I just wanted to tell you a few things about our Christmas gifts!?

I woke up at 3am thanks to my body clock being sure I still needed to start work at 4am…but at least Gizmo came into my room briefly to keep me company until I fell asleep again! I was then woken up just after 6am by Gizmo scratching the bottom edge of the bed. Although this is one of Gizmos favourite things to do, it’s unusual for him to do it early in the morning? So I left him alone, pretending to still be asleep.

No sooner had he stopped scratching the bed, I heard him running up and down the corridor. I wonder if he knows it’s Christmas and he’s excited, I thought?!

After about 10 min of listening to his antics, I finally decided to get up and see what the commotion was about. And then I found him staring at the curtain next to the front door. Oh bugger. I think Giz has brought me a Christmas gift of his own!? I went and found a box to catch the poor little creature in and went back to the curtain. I moved Giz to the side, put the box in place, and peeked being the curtain…but no mouse.

Initially I thought Gizmo had misplaced another mouse; forgotten where he last saw it, but then I realised where it was. And Gizmo spotted it at the same time; Mr Mouse was half way up the curtain!?! Gizmo leapt to retrieve it, but luckily I got it first! Mouse was then safely evicted from my house and could return to his family for Christmas!? Phew.

Gizmo on the other hand was less than impressed. When we finally got round to opening Christmas presents I made sure Gizmo opened his gift first!

One sniff of catnip inside the wrapped box and he was adamant he was opening his own gift!? With as little human assistance as possible…! So glad I managed to get this on video! I have NEVER seen Gizmo in such a catnip infused FRENZY?! To watch the video, look at Gizmos instagram page!?

As you can see, there wasn’t much of the box left after Gizmo unleashed his inner demon on it!?

Gizmos special gift this year was a Personalised Catnip Stocking from FreakMeowt, and Gizmo just LOVES it! It was beautifully made, wrapped and presented…Gizmo is such a lucky kitty! Gizmos friends at FreakMeowt also sent him a lovely Christmas Card too!

You can find out more about FreakMeowt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, along with their Etsy shop! Their cat toys are handmade, totally adorable, and specially made for the coolest kitties!!

I hope you and your kitties had a lovely Christmas! I’d love to hear what gifts you got for your kitties, and if they brought you anything in return…?!

Hopefully you didn’t receive a ‘living curtain climbing mouse’ like I did?! Thanks Giz….

6 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts!?

  1. Boy does he ever look happy with his Christmas present! 🙂 I bet he’s glad you liked yours too (the chance to rescue the mouse before he got to it, because obviously he knows you like to save mice or he probably would’ve got to it himself instead 😉 hehe!).
    I have to say that portrait of the two of you is SO super adorable <3.

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