The magic letter ‘C’…!?

Umm…I think Gizmo is broken. Apart from having pancreatitis 12 months ago, he’s not a poorly cat physically. But mentally, I think he is unusual… and recently, EVEN more than normal!?

He’s always been a fussy eater, even before I got him as a 5 month old bundle of trouble. 

Unlike all my previous cats, Gizmo will NOT eat any of the following foods, despite multiple attempts:
Fish (fresh, canned or from a packet)

Meat (fresh, cooked, canned etc)

Anything dairy.

95% of conventional/highly promoted ‘cat food’ brands.

The only food his vet recommends him to eat due to his sensitive stomach is Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Moderate Calorie food; both wet and dry. As Giz doesn’t eat cat treats anyway, he seems happy to stick to his veterinary diet…until recently.

To be honest, even getting him to eat his veterinary prescribed food for pancreatitis was a challenge at one stage!? But now, I think he has a stranger issue…

Two days ago, my dad observed Giz pinching and eating some cooked cabbage off his plate. Giz has NEVER shown any interest in human food whatsoever, until now!? You could honestly leave a roast dinner on the kitchen floor, knowing that Giz was not interested in it. 

My instant reaction when hearing about Giz eating cooked cabbage was to consult Dr Google and assertain if Gizmo was likely to die imminently?! The answer was no; raw cabbage isn’t good for kitties, but cooked cabbage, in small quantities is OK. Phew…
But yesterday, Giz suprised me again…he ate some cooked chicken!? Believe me, we previously tried feeding him LOADS of different meat/fish types, but he would never eat them. Most of the time, he wouldn’t even sniff them. So yesterday, when I witnessed him eating a chunk of cooked chicken, I thought I was dreaming. At one stage, I thought another cat had snuck into my house and was posing as Gizmo, with the same markings as him. 

But I was starting to see a pattern. The letter ‘C’. Cabbage. Chicken. Both of which he has tasted in the past 48 hours.

So tonight, I added another food to his list… Cauliflower. And to my amazement, he ate a small mouthful. I nearly dropped my wineglass in amazement.

What is happening to my cat?! Is he a closet vegetarian kitty? Or am I going to have to ONLY feed him foods beginning with the letter ‘c’!? What is next!? Carrot? Courgette? Cucumber?

Do your cats have any unusual eating habits?! Or is Gizmo stranger than I already think!?

I know ‘normal’ is overrated, but Gizmo is… umm… unusual!? Just as well, his human is unusual too… 

5 thoughts on “The magic letter ‘C’…!?

  1. Gizmo is gorgeous and just unique, or as I call myself, eccentric!! My cat loves the dogs food so what are you going to do. She just eats her own food, treats, which she gets every time the dog gets one, and occasionally dog food. She is a perfect cat too. She actually doesn’t do anything bad. I would like another kitten but I am afraid to ruin the zen of our house now.

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  2. Since he’s so precious and unique, as long as his pancreatitis doesn’t flare up I’d let him have a go at some variety. He finally got bored with the same thing. My Sarah only ate one type of dry crunchy food, bits of fresh chicken and of course fresh water. She never so much as sniffed anything else. They are such quirky creatures. That’s why they chose us and that’s why we love them. Merry Christmas 🎄.

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  3. Yes, I agree…quirky is fun and I love him for it!! I will take him to the vet for a check up and mention his latest eating habits, but like you say, he finally tried something else! Glad to hear Gizmo is not alone in his quirky unusual ways!?


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