It’s been a cold night…so where is Gizmo??

As the weather has turned colder in recent days, Gizmo has frequently been joining me on my bed each night. Although it can be annoying when he forces me to lie diagonally because he continues to move into MY space each time he turns round in the night, at least I know that he is staying out of mischief and keeping himself warm?! I love it when Gizmo purrs me to sleep; it has to be one of the most relaxing sounds I know! However, I don’t love the sound of him continuously cleaning himself inbetween bouts of purring?! Thankfully for me, the purring usually sends me to sleep so I don’t have to listen to the licking!!

Last night, it was cold. We had a few hail downpours during the day yesterday, and it was so cold, some of the hail remained on the lawn at dusk. I knew my car would need defrosting this morning! Today is my day off, and I was woken by my alarm. That in itself is weird?! Gizmo usually tries to get me out of bed HOURS before my alarm goes off, as he tries to insist he is severely malnourished and will die unless food is served in the following 60 seconds. But today was different. No sign of Gizmo at all? In fact, he hadn’t been in my room all night. And even when the alarm went off, still no sign of Gizmo.

By this point, I was starting to get a bit concerned. Gizmo is usually hovering around, eager for me to feed him, especially when my alarm goes off (when he ALLOWS me to sleep that long), but this morning, even the alarm didn’t bring Gizmo to me. I got dressed in a hurry, and rushed into the kitchen to see if his bowls had been emptied overnight. Oddly, there was still food in them. And then I saw Gizmo; motionless on the kitchen floor.

But don’t worry, he had a good (ish) reason…

Gizmo was lying on the kitchen floor, staring at the fridge. Well, to be more precise, he was staring UNDER the fridge. This can only mean one thing… Gizmo has brought home (yet another) live gift and released it into the house. He stared at me, through tired eyes before yawning… I imagine he has been staring at the fridge ALL night, too focused on staring at the fridge to eat his dinner!?

At one point, I lay down on the floor next to him, trying to peer under the fridge, but I couldn’t see anything there. I’m happy to take his word for it though. I believe him. We have a rodent visitor. The challenge is now for ME to find it before Gizmo does…?! Wish me luck!!?

4 thoughts on “It’s been a cold night…so where is Gizmo??

  1. Patience; yes, he HAS that….but unfortunately for him, the fridge area is rodent free…believe me, I’ve checked!? So goodness knows where it has gone, but he is still staring intently at the fridge a few times when he is in the kitchen!? Have we got an invisible mouse!? Has Giz forgotten where he last saw it!? Or is this Gizmos idea of a joke…trying to get me to look for it!? Lol

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  2. Oh my; good luck finding it before he does – sounds to me like it will be nearly Mission Impossible! Those cats are so quick to see movement, I’m sure if he sees something darting around in the corner of his eye while fixated on that fridge it’s forget-the-fridge-found-the-mouse time.
    He probably just blinked while it escaped, but kept looking in the last place he saw it.

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