Birthday Blues…Gizmo style!?

I think the look on Gizmos face explains it all!? Yesterday was MY birthday, and it was a ‘big one’. Yes, I officially joined the ’30 club’ despite only looking like a 5ft nothing teenager…so I’m told!? (Less than 24 hours earlier, I was asked for ID to purchase tickets to the theatre…minimum age 19yrs old!? and also IDd’ to buy lottery tickets).

I think Gizmo thought all the gifts and cards were for him!? But to his disgust, they were all mine! Oops…

After staring at the table where the gifts were eagerly waiting to be opened, Gizmo jumped on the table to investigate. He found no catnip. No toys. No boxes. Nothing he finds interesting at all! He was pretty confused and disappointed.

He expressed his annoyance by knocking over several cards, sitting on them briefly before jumping off the table and sauntering out of the room. He didn’t even appreciate the empty cardboard box I gave him!? How ungrateful!?

Much to my relief, Gizmo didn’t feel the need to bring me any ‘live’ gifts for my birthday this year, so I suppose that’s a bonus…!? Well, I haven’t found any live gifts….yet…

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