Gizmo Introduces: ‘CatTreeUK’

If your kitty is anything like Gizmo, they will climb and scratch EVERYTHING they can get their paws on?!

Outdoors, Gizmo knows no limits…he climbs trees, and I mean REALLY high trees. Trees that are so tall, the branches move rapidly in the wind!! And yet, he climbs tall things at speed, and makes it look effortless. He frequently uses his claws to carve tree trunks, but as yet, I haven’t found him etching his name in a tree, so I haven’t told him off for graffiti in the garden?!

Indoors, he is slightly restricted…living in a bungalow, the highest he can get indoors is either on top of the kitchen cabinets, or up the curtains…

Thankfully, he has stopped climbing the curtains since I replaced the old vintage ones with new ones?! Scratching furniture and wallpaper, however, is a long standing hobby of his!? Especially when the weather is wet and windy outside!!? With winter on the way, this poses a problem for many kitty owners!!

For Christmas last year, Gizmo received a brilliant Cat Tree from ‘Santa Paws’ purchased from CatTreeUK, and it is definitely one of the BEST purchases I’ve made for him!


Not only does Giz enjoy scratching the posts instead of my furniture and wallpaper, he enjoys sleeping on the top of it every day as he blends into the fluffy pads! This is currently his favourite ‘watching TV’ location too!? Lucky (spoilt) kitty!!?



If you haven’t come across CatTreeUK before, let me tell you a bit about them….

They are the UKs LARGEST online retailer of Cat Trees! And contrary to their name, they don’t just sell cat trees…they also have an EXTENSIVE selection of cat bedding/beds, kitty toys, cat houses, scratching posts…the list goes on…!!

The range of products includes both indoor AND outdoor products for your bundle of feline fluff, so whatever your kitties lifestyle, you will find something to suit you both!


With something for EVERY budget, they will have something you and your kitty will love…(and your bank balance will thank you for!) Especially with the festive season creeping up on us much quicker than I thought…?! So if your kitty is in need of something to scratch and climb…CatTreeUK are THE people to go to!


Not content with being a supplier of AMAZING kitty goodies, CatTreeUK also give 5% of their profits to local animal charities!! What LOVELY people they are! So by buying from them, you are not only rewarding YOUR kitty, but also helping animal charities too!

International postage can be arranged, so for customers outside of the UK, fear not!!! Your kitty can also receive wonderful products from CatTreeUK!!

Gizmo LOVES his tree so much that he is proud to be a Brand Ambassador for CatTreeUK, and promotes their products regularly on his social media feeds!

And the best thing of all, Gizmo fans, is that YOU can save money on ‘instock’ products from CatTreeUK by using the promocode ‘gizmo’! Take advantage of these savings now!! Gizmo would love to hear what you have bought for your kitties using his special code!!

You can find out more about CatTreeUK on their website, and on facebook, twitter and instagram!



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