Gizmo Introduces: ‘The Natural Pet Toy Company’

Recently, Gizmo celebrated his 2nd birthday! Compared to his first birthday, it was a low key affair!? The Human Slave was TOTALLY unprepared, so thankfully for Gizmo, The Natural Pet Toy Company jumped to Gizmos rescue and sent him three FABULOUS birthday gifts ANY kitty would love!!



Firstly, Gizmo opened the CatNip Fish Toy! He instantly fell under the catnip spell with this special fishy! It was sniffed briefly before he started throwing it around the room! From my experience, that means that Giz LOVES it!! Filled with premium catnip, this toy just oozes quality! Available in a variety of patterns, you are bound to find a fishy that will suit you and your kitty!!



Next, Gizmo found the Felt Ball Cat Toys – Spot and Spiral! Giz wasn’t sure which ball to play with first!!? But he soon decided he could play with all three at the same time, instead of being forced to choose!!


The final gift in Gizmos package is the stunning Felt Snake Cat Toy! This is my personal favourite toy…its refreshing to see something different on the cat toy market, aside from toy mice for example!! Giz was initially sceptical about the catnip infused snake, but soon realised that it is just as much fun as the other toys!! It also looks amazing on his cattree! Available in two colours, the snake is appealing to humans and kitties alike!


Big thankyou to the wonderful team at The Natural Pet Toy Company who saved the day and made Gizmos birthday a special day!! If you are looking for a different type of cat toy to the ‘normal kitty stuff’ then you must take a look at The Natural Pet Toy Company products! And its not just kitty toys available, they have dog and rabbit toys too and goodies for your home! If you don’t believe me, take a look and see for yourself!!

You can find The Natural Pet Toy Company on facebook, twitter, instagram and their website!

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