Gizmo and the mysterious gift!?

After a long and stressful day, I decided to have an early night tonight. Having only been in bed for about 8 minutes, starting to relax under the comfort of my duvet, I hear some kind of Gizmo induced commotion in the hallway. After a few seconds, the noise stops. Weird, I thought!?

Less than a minute later, my bedroom door flies open in spectacular style, and although in total darkness, I hear Gizmo come bounding into my room, his paws sounding loud on the carpet as he screeches to a halt?!

Usually when this happens, he jumps straight onto my bed, demanding I feed him immediately for he is (according to him) on the brink of dying of starvation despite being fed less than an hour ago.

I lay in bed, adopting the new technique of ignoring Giz for as long as humanly possible; keeping my eyes closed and my breathing regular, I try to convince him that I am so deep in sleep that NOTHING could wake me! But to my amazement, he didn’t jump on the bed, or try in any way to wake me up.

Instead he ran wildly round my room, stopping briefly to scrape his claws behind some furniture before going frantic again.

That is when I realised what was REALLY going on…

Oh sh*t…

Somewhere in my room is a gift that I haven’t identified yet; a gift that Gizmo has misplaced…

I can only imagine that this latest gift is a rodent type. I’m ruling out a bird gift, because I’ve heard no flapping and seen nothing fly. Well, not yet anyway.

So, here I am, expecting another night of broken sleep…but I hope that whatever the mysterious gift is, I can find it and release it before Gizmo discovers where it is hiding!?

Wish me luck!?


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