A ‘lie in’, what’s that!?

I’ve waited all week for today; first of two days off in a row and I decided I was going to do the ‘lie in’ thing. I knew that Gizmo had a full bowl of food overnight, so that pretty much guaranteed I wouldn’t be disturbed until 8am, right!? WRONG….

Recently when I’ve been getting up at 5am to go to work, there has been no sign of Gizmo; no waking me up, no stalking me into the bathroom, no perving on me as I get dressed, and no demanding breakfast. Although I have got used to the ‘new nonexistent behaviour’, today he decided to show me that he still remembers the old routine, and he has learnt some new techniques!?

At 5am, I was woken up by my bedroom door being bashed open, before Giz pounced on the bed, purring. I stroked him, hoping he would lie down, but much to my disappointment, I think I made things worse.

Now that Gizmo knew I was conscious, he seemed intent on demanding food. He left no bedroom worktop untouched, as he eagerly started knocking a variety of items onto the floor, and pausing to look at my reaction before he chose his next ornamental victim. Needless to say, I couldn’t ignore him for long; he was moving closer to my bottle of perfume sitting near the edge of my bedside table and glancing at the mirror stand….

I decide to get up, feed the little monster, and head back to bed. Of course, after getting up, Gizmo was VERY pleased with his efforts, and purred loudly, whilst weaving in and out of my legs. I got back into bed, but typically couldn’t sleep!! I ended up sleeping for an hour in the afternoon to compensate!


Giz has had a reasonably playful day today. He’s emptied his toy box a few times, and spent ages playing in his catpod! He also spent ages this evening playing in the apple tree; running up and down branches, jumping from tree to tree.


He must have tired himself out though, as I stayed up late tonight (to be fair, anything after 9pm is late for me!?) and it was after 11pm when I got to bed. And to my suprise, Gizmo was already asleep on his Tillypop blanket, on my bed. He hasn’t slept on my bed for months, so this behaviour puzzled me for a few minutes…until I worked out why I think he might be doing this…?!

I think he wants to make sure that he keeps an eye on me so that he can demand feeding again tomorrow morning at stupid o’clock whilst I try again to have a lie in!? Thanks Giz…


10 thoughts on “A ‘lie in’, what’s that!?

  1. Gizmo is a very clever boy! Very familiar to me the way he looked back at you to see if his rearranging of your bedside ornaments was having the desired effect…whilst eyeing his next victim! Think he must be related to Kylie…

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