Gizmo’s latest disappointment…

I’m afraid to say Gizmo is not a happy kitty this evening, and it’s my fault. You’re probably thinking I’ve done something horrid to him, like inserting a thermometer where the sun doesn’t shine, or told him off for stripping wallpaper AGAIN, but you would be wrong on both accounts.

I’m afraid it’s far worse, in Gizmos opinion.


You see, over the past year, Gizmo has been receiving regular deliveries from his friends and fans, and has got to know many of the local couriers on first name terms. Gizmo has received some wonderful things through the post; toys, samples, products to test to destruction etc.

To be honest, normally, when I open the front door to sign for a parcel, 99% of the time, it has had Gizmos name on it! Admittedly, it is a bit weird when I open the door and the courier is eagerly looking around to see if Gizmo is coming to greet them!?

However, today, a HUGE parcel arrived for me, with my name on it, and Gizmo is disappointed to say the least.


He investigated the box before it was opened, and as he couldn’t detect any hint of catnip, he walked off and went back to lie on his favourite chair, turning his back on me, probably muttering expletives at me under his breath.

Sorry Gizmo, it’s been a few months since you received any post at all?! I’m not suprised you are feeling sad and disappointed!

10 thoughts on “Gizmo’s latest disappointment…

  1. Poor Gizmo!! At least Mum is getting some much needed love I hope!! Stella doesn’t much care about what comes in the mail, it is usually from Amazon and has some silly stuff like medicines for her mummies. She did like the box Mums new food processor came in. Instead she retreats to the upper closet shelf to adorn all of the winter clothes with her beautiful hair!! But the blasted DOG always runs to the door because he loves everyone and is waiting for more pizza delivery!!


  2. Lol! Luckily for Gizmo, he doesn’t have to share his house with a dog! But he knows what you mean about boxes…he is eager to get his paws inside this one…but I’ve told him he needs to wait a few days! ♡


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