Gizmo needs his sleep!?

Gizmo fans living in the UK will have recently experienced a heatwave. It was unbelievably hot; day and night for about a week. Not something any of us Brits or kitties are used to!! (Normal weather has now resumed…as I write this, I can hear the rain bouncing off the roof of my house!?).

Gizmo struggled in the heat, as I’m sure many other kitties did too. During the day, he tended to sleep somewhere dark. And at night, I think he was going outside and catching up on partying, or whatever mischief he gets up to!?

But since the heatwave has ended, his new nightime routine has continued…most of the day, he’s in the house sleeping, and most of the night he goes out.


He had been quite affectionate recently, but he is getting very good at lying on me and decending into a very deep sleep. He is so relaxed, that when lying on his back, his mouth tends to open, and he starts to snore!?

And if he isn’t sleeping on me, he’s either on his favourite chair, or his amazing cat tree!


I’d love to know what he is getting up to overnight and if his routine will return to normal!? At least, for now, he has forgotten about his old morning routine of being my kitty alarm clock at silly o’clock!?


4 thoughts on “Gizmo needs his sleep!?

  1. I absolutely love the ‘Amazing tails of Gizmo’. You are such an amusing writer and he is definitely a special little guy. Thanks for sharing his story. Look forward to continued ‘Amazing tails of Gizmo’.


  2. Thank you for your lovely feedback ♡ Gizmo is an adorable but incredibly naughty kitty, always getting up to mischief and naughtiness!! Gizmo has FB, twitter and instagram accounts too…are you on social media?


  3. He looked like he was having heat stroke in the first photo. Sleeping in the day and up at night seems a good plan in hot weather. Nice you get uninterupted sleep. Hope it lasts but I would not count on it!

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  4. Lol, Gizmo was EXHAUSTED when he fell asleep on his back! He was so cute!! But I think he had a nightmare because when he woke up, he bit my hand!! Then he looked a bit confused and went back to sleep!?

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