A Disaster Waiting to Happen…?!

I have a feeling that disaster is only a short time away in my house. Of course, this imminent disaster will be TOTALLY Gizmos fault, and I have almost resigned myself to the fact that it IS going to happen, it’s just a case of when. I’m convinced chaos WILL occur and many tears WILL be cried (as usual, they will be my tears, not Gizmos)…

You see, today, I decided to buy new curtains for my living room. This might not sound like a potentially distressing situation, but that’s because you haven’t met Gizmo. This angelic looking tabby kitty enjoys nothing more than shredding curtains (and wallpaper), and trying in his own way to restyle my house.


In the 16 months he has lived with me, I cant begin to tell you how much destruction he has caused. Admittedly, the curtains in my front room were 30 years old. They had seen better days, and they were starting to look worn. However, Gizmo seemed to enjoy adding to the ‘distressed’ appearance of the curtains by climbing them in the first few months he was here. And when he decided he was getting too heavy to lift his bodyweight up and down the curtains, he would regularly sink his claws into them and do his yoga stretches on them instead…

I’m actually too ashamed of the state of the curtains to include a recent photo of the damage. But take it from me, Gizmo had contributed to several rips, numerous teeth marks, and some pretty impressive tears that I could actually fit my fist through?! Hmmm. Not desired kitty behaviour, I think you will agree…!!?

Gizmo ‘rearranges’ the curtains with his claws

I guess that Giz clearly thinks he has some interior decoration skills, but I’m still not sure I approve of his style, or his method of demonstrating his creativity?! In some ways, he has done me a favour I suppose. The curtains DID need replacing, but I would have preferred to have made the decision myself, without Gizmo taking things into his own claws…?!

So today, having seen the curtains disintegrating before my eyes in the past few days, I went to Dunelm Mill and bought some beautiful new curtains. Admittedly, they weren’t the cheapest curtains I could have bought, but they were in the sale and had 50% off so I couldn’t resist. But on the drive home, I started to worry about the mistake I’d just made!? I could have bought curtains MUCH cheaper than the ones I ended up with, just incase the inevitable happened, and Gizmo destroyed them with one swipe of his paw but hindsight is a wonderful thing…?! I did consider phoning the house insurance provider and seeing how many times in a year they would pay to replace the curtains, if the unthinkable happens?! I’m not sure that they insure against ‘recurrent kitty destruction’ so I decided against calling them…?!

I’m hoping that Gizmo has now grown out of his curtain destruction stage, but only time will tell. However, Gizmo will be in serious trouble if any of his paws go near the nice new expensive curtains?!

So far, I’m pleased to say the new curtains have lasted a total of 1 hour and 52 minutes…but that’s because Gizmo hasn’t noticed them….yet?!



17 thoughts on “A Disaster Waiting to Happen…?!

  1. Know that feeling, vertical blinds are not quite so alouring to pussies, mine have survived 4 beasties, but, still the pullies have to be modified!

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  2. Blinds! Hahaha! My cats shredded our blinds. You would swear someone took a razor to them: they are more like a series of hanging ribbons than blinds. Frightened to replace but luckily they are on windows no-one can see.

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  3. The thing is gizmo is soooo cute maybe you could spray the curtain with something to keep him at bay. Glad my Lily grew out of that. Good luck!!!
    Genevieve & Lily

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  4. Gizmos cuteness gets him out of a lot of trouble!? Glad your kitty grew out of the curtain trashing phase…I’m hoping Gizmo has too!? It’s been over 24 hours since new curtains were put up, he hasn’t laid a paw or claw on them!! Well, not yet anyway…


  5. Oh my goodness… I’m so sorry I haven’t seen your post sooner! I’m all over the place constantly apparently?

    MOL!🙈 How are the curtains doing? Did Gizmo try his paw at redecorating the new curtains yet? I hope he likes them just as they are and doesn’t feel the need to change anything…
    Murli did climb my curtains as well as a kitten. As she was growing to big to go up the curtains, she started playing around IN them. Like getting up on her hind legs and holding on to the curtains with her front paws and kinda dance around in them like that MOL! But… she grew out of that phase at about the same age as Gizmo is now though. From then on she turned into a really non-destructive kitty.
    Gizmo, reminds me of my precious kitty boys redecorating “skills”. Wallpapers… Curtains… Couches… even wooden furniture and every single pen he got his little teeth on, had their marks. Of course he was too adorable to get in trouble, so my parents and I just put up with it and I tried my best to have him spend his energy with lots of playtime.
    But he too grew out of it and turned into a well behaved kitty boy. Just a bit later, as he was about 3 when these these behaviours slowly faded out.

    Woops.. that turned into a long comment. I just cant keep it short I guess😂😸🙈
    Gizmo really looks angelic and sooo sweet. I just hope everything turns out well for your lovely curtains! Hugs, Natascha💕


  6. Glad to hear Murli grew out of the destructive phase!? I live in hope that Gizmo does the same, but maybe I’m being too optimistic!? So far, curtains are intact, and no paw or claw has rearranged them!? Well, not yet anyway!?


  7. In the U.S. we use wooden indoor shutters that are for decoration and can be opened and closed for privacy. They’re indestructible. Yes, even for Gizmo. You can even get them at a home store and paint or stain them yourself. It can be a DIY project or an expensive investment interior design element. Good luck. This is an old story so how are the drapes fairing?


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