A nice relaxing bath…!?

Gizmo and I have had a busy few weeks. Giz has been taunted on a frequent basis by the pesky squirrels, and he regularly sits on the kitchen window ledge; surveying his garden, waiting for the squirrel to return.


On several occasions, Gizmo has been within a whisker of catching a squirrel!? Much to Mr Squirrels suprise, Gizmo is able to climb the tree at lightening speed…!? But thankfully, he hasn’t caught one…yet.


I’ve had some problems recently, and have become quite run down. Although Giz has been keeping an eye on me, and playing with me, he knows I’m not feeling quite right.

He has spent more time sleeping on my lap during the day, and frequently popping into my room at night to sing to me and tap me on the head!? I think he’s checking I’m still alive, but he’s quite obvious about these checks and could do with being more subtle. I’m not enjoying being woken up so frequently at dark o’clock!!

A few days ago, I decided I would run a bath, and spend some time trying to have a relaxing soak amongst the bubbles.

I used my favourite bubble bath, and my phone played some calming music. I got into the bath, and immediately felt slightly better. After about 5 minutes of being in the bath, I was confident this would help me relax…

As always in my house, there is usually a reason that a plan doesn’t go smoothly, and yes, the reason has usually got something to do with Gizmo!?

Well, there I was, lying in the bath surrounded by bubbles and peaceful music, and I suddenly hear a loud commotion from the living room with loud banging noises… and then I heard a raised voice saying the usual words “Gizmo, you naughty boy” (plus a few other unmentionable phrases) followed by more banging and crashing noises?!

With a sigh, I decided that this situation probably needed my attention, but I would try and enjoy my bath a little longer before returning to normality and chaos.

By the time I emerged from my bath, the commotion had stopped, and Gizmo was lying on the floor in the living room, looking totally fed up. As I entered the room, he lifted his head to look at me, and then turned away and put his head back on the floor.

When I asked my dad what all the fuss was about, he looked at Gizmo, and then explained that Giz had brought me a gift home. A very much alive, big feathered gift. Giz had entered the front room and immediately released the bird from his mouth, and they both caused absolute chaos in the moments that followed.

Much to Gizmos annoyance, he was quickly evicted and locked out of the room, whilst the bird was safely caught and released back into the garden; physically uninjured but probably suffering from considerable psychological trauma.

Giz then spent the rest of the evening sulking, and occasionally looking up at the ceiling as if by magic, the bird would return!?

I think Gizmo wore himself out catching the bird and bringing it home, as he has spent a lot of time snoozing since!!?

I don’t need gifts to make me feel better Gizmo, but some more kitty cuddles from you might help…


8 thoughts on “A nice relaxing bath…!?

  1. He just has a way of getting in to mischief with no real intention of trouble. He just doing what comes natural and he’s pretty good at it. Lol. Hope you’ll soon be feeling better.


  2. I totally agree… I don’t think he always means to get into trouble, but it just comes so naturally to him!? He makes me laugh, even when he is being naughty, so in his own way, he’s trying to help me!? Lol


  3. Gizmo is quite the energetic one. Mr. Squirrel had better watch out. I believe you are right- with Gizmo around you shouldn’t count on a relaxing bath. But it sounds like he is trying, in his own way, to make you feel better. Take care of yourself.


  4. Gizmo sounds very similar to a toddler. He’s just jealous of your attention. I’m guessing he gets up to no good whenever you are on the phone, or deep into a good book or the paper as well. I have 6 lovely kitties ( I know, I know – crazy cat lady!) who all come to see me whenever I try to have a private minute in the ladies room.


  5. I can totally empathise with you…Gizmo joins me in the bathroom on a regular basis!? Yes, he’s very much like a toddler…but so far, I’ve never come across a toddler that climbs curtains and chases squirrels!? Lol


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