‘Normal’…whatever that is?!

Gizmo and I have recently had a bit of an unscheduled break from blogging. I think it was a combination of my busy schedule with work, and personally being very run down. I guess it happens to everyone at some stage, but I just couldn’t face turning on my laptop. Apologies to Gizmo fans…! I hope ‘normal’ service will be resumed soon!?

In the blogging holiday, I found more time for taking photos of a certain tabby kitty doing one of his favourite things… tree climbing!!



Much to my amazement, he still manages to climb trees with such ease, such impeccable balance, and he just looks majestic when he is tree climbing!


He still seems to enjoy playing hide and seek with me, but I’m pleased to say his skills are improving!?

Last week, I had to take Gizmo to the Vets for a vaccination, and general health check. As usual, he was NOT keen on going in the cat carrier, and he frantically tried to escape on his way to the vets, but as usual, I now tie the lid of the carrier down…I really don’t want a loose Gizmo in the car with me again?!



We sat in the waiting room, and Gizmo made it quite clear that he was NOT impressed. I felt like apologising to the staff who had to listen to Gizmos constant vocal noise!? I was slightly relieved when another patient came into the waiting room; a guy with his little dog. At this point, Gizmo decided that he should keep his vocal annoyance to himself and he tried to hide (unsuccessfully) underneath his Tillypops blanket!!

When he went into the consultation room, he was checked over, given his vaccination and put on the kitty scales. I asked Lizzie (the vet) to check his pancreas for any sign of discomfort. Since his pancreatitis at Christmas last year, I have been concerned that it would come back, so I’m always on the lookout for symptoms. Giz is now on a (very expensive!) veterinary diet, so hopefully the chances of reoccurrence are lower, but I always feel relieved after he’s been checked over by Lizzie. I was relieved when Lizzie said that his pancreas is normal; no sign of discomfort at all. Phew…


So, for now, Gizmo and I have returned to ‘normal’…whatever that is?! I’m not sure either of us are used to being called normal…?! Gizmo is as far from normal as you can imagine…!? And as for me, his human, I’m not sure normal describes me either!!

4 thoughts on “‘Normal’…whatever that is?!

  1. Poor Gizmo!! Maybe he would do better if you had one of the carriers that are more closed all around instead of open? I have one that opens on top and there is a front door. It also has small windows. Some cats like a more “closed in” carrier because it makes them feel more secure, also you wouldn’t have to tie it down. catchatwithcarenandcody


  2. Awww so glad to hear Gizmo is doing fine and everything is ok! I hope you are ok too? I totally hear you on always being on the lookout and a bit worried about a recurrence. I worry about every little thing that seems off about Murli. And my heart is always pounding during check ups at the Vet.

    Gizmo really does look majestic! I bet he even looks majestic when he’s redecorating your walls and his other creative shenanigans☺️😹

    I also really had a lot of absences in our online fun for many weeks and am just now getting back to normal, or hopefully at least. My chronic health issues, even though they’re not serious in an organic sense, they’re keeping me offline quite a bit if I’m unlucky.
    So I really do apologize for visiting so late…

    Purrs & pawhugs from Murli & we both wish you a pleasant day!
    Hopefully the sun is shining up there in the UK? We’re having rain and thick dark clouds, and the mountains are getting more snow… 😂😹 Hugs!


  3. Good the diet seems to be working. Funny how the diet changes never lean to something inexpensive! Have not seen an open cat carrier like yours before. At the vet I put a towel over the top of mine to make the cat feel more secure and not see the giant dogs sniffing around!


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