Welcome Home… or NOT!?

As you may have read in the previous blog post, I have been working away from home for almost 10 days, leaving Gizmo in the capable hands of my Dad.

I have been phoning each evening to get daily updates on Gizmos adventures (and to check my Dad was coping with Gizmos demands), but I have to admit that I REALLY missed both of them, more than I ever thought possible.

Yesterday morning I was so excited to drive home, so that I could be reunited with Gizmo (and my Dad of course!)!! After a four hour drive, I arrived home. I couldn’t wait to see the look on Gizmos face when he saw me!

Before I went away, I had visions of Gizmo destroying the house, but on my return, there was very little noticible difference apart from the odd bit of additional wallpaper that had disappeared!?


Even if I leave the house for a few hours to go to work, or go shopping, Gizmos reaction when I arrive home makes me feel like a special human! He is always SO pleased to see me! 

After 10 days apart, I envisaged an emotional reunion, where he would run to meet me, leaping into my arms, purring loudly and giving me his favourite ‘Gizmo bellyflop’ as I struggled to put my bags down on the floor!

So imagine my disappointment when the actual reunion occurred, and he would barely even look at me!? I thought he was maybe playing hard to get? Maybe he had forgotten who I was? Or maybe there was another reason for his behaviour. He sat, staring at me from a distance, oblivious to my desire to show him I missed him!

After an hour of being home, his response was still not quite right, so I picked him up, against his wishes. He lay on me as I sat on the sofa, but he wouldnt let me stroke him? And that’s when I found it. A hot swollen lump under his belly, about the size of a 5p piece.

Immediately I phoned the local veterinary hospital and booked an appointment. Being a memorable kitty (and not for all the right reasons!!?) Gizmos name is now recognised by the staff. Thankfully, Gizmo could get an appointment within 30 mins so off we went to the vets, much to Gizmos annoyance.

The lovely vet, Liz, took a look at Gizmo and diagnosed an abscess under his belly. She cleaned the area and gave an antibiotic injection. Giz was sent home with 5 days of antibiotic pills, and if he isn’t any better by the end of the medication he needs to go back to visit Liz again. (I have kept this little secret from Giz, as I’m hoping he won’t need a return visit!).

♡ Gizmo and Liz ♡

So I felt like the worst human in the world. Not only did I go away, leaving Gizmo at home. But when I returned home, I took him to the vets within a few hours!!

I went to bed last night feeling pretty awful. My cat hates me. Will I ever be forgiven?

A few minutes after going to bed, Gizmo appeared in the bedroom doorway. He then jumped on my bed, lay on my chest, and purred until I fell asleep, as if nothing was wrong at all. I dozed off feeling slightly less hated… phew!?

A few hours later, I was awoken by the familiar sound of Gizmo literally destroying the house, in pursuit of something… this time, it was the bathroom that was being destroyed as Gizmo chased his latest gift, a rather large mouse. There were toilet rolls and shower gel bottles flying round the room as Giz frantically tried to catch the mouse, knocking over EVERYTHING in his way!

Ah, it’s nice to be home….and I think Gizmo has forgiven me – until I start giving him antibiotic pills for the next 5 days…?!

10 thoughts on “Welcome Home… or NOT!?

  1. Poor Gizmo. But he obviously forgave you. Love the picture but I must say Luz looks happier than Gizmo. He looks a bit sorry for himself. Not that one could blame him.
    Hope he does not need to go back to the vet.


  2. Poor Giz was NOT impressed! He must have been feeling rough, then to be taken to the vets, have injection etc, he was definitely not happy!! But he was very good about it all; no growling, hissing or bad language from him, just the occasional squeak to show his disapproval!?


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