Blissful Ignorance!?

I hate going away. Whether for work or pleasure, I always dread going away. I’ve been unlucky in my life when I go away, bad things have happened and it’s always reminded me that I’m happier at home.

But today I have to go away for work, and it will be almost 10 days before I return. Gizmo is in the capable hands of my Dad, and I’m sure Gizmo will have him trained in no time at all!? But I will still worry about them both whilst I’m away.

Yesterday, as I was frantically packing my bags, I didn’t get the response I expected from Gizmo. He didn’t investigate the empty bags, or the clothes on my bed. In fact, he didn’t do anything at all.

My previous cats would have been frantically exploring the bags, destroying the clothes on the bed, and generally being quite active. But not Giz. He just slept. Occasionally lifting his head, and then going back to sleep. I started to feel unloved by my little tabby tiger!? Maybe he wants me to go!?

I have been away and left him for a week last year, but maybe he hasn’t quite linked the ‘case packing’ activity with the ‘human leaving’ activity. Maybe he is blissfully ignorant!?

This morning my usual Gizmo alarm didn’t tap me round the face, or squeak at me, but instead he took a different approach. As I was lying, face down, he decided to climb on my back, with his paws on my right shoulder, and lie down, purring into my ear!? I have to say, moving him from this position was NOT easy!

Maybe he DOES realise I’m going away, and this was his last attempt to stop me!?


10 thoughts on “Blissful Ignorance!?

  1. Maybe he felt that if he ignored the packing you would stop- recognizing it was not an entertaining game. But just in case you were serious, he decided to really love you. I am sure he will miss you.


  2. Yes, that’s a good point… I’m sure Giz won’t get as much ‘playtime’ as he does with me, but I know he will start opening his toy box and dragging out his chosen toys if he REALLY wants to play!?


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