Gizmos Valentines Surprise…?!

I never have any valentines day expectations, and this year was no different! I’m one of those humans that doesn’t look for big romantic gestures (which is lucky, as I would only be disappointed!!) but Gizmo seemed to take it upon himself to give me a surprise gift this year!? I guess he appreciates all the love and affection I’ve shown him over that past 12 months, but I’m not sure most humans would appreciate the way in which he surprised me with his gesture…

It started at 2am, as I’m lying in bed, stressing about life in general as I do most mornings before work. I heard Gizmo come indoors after his night-time patrol, and I thought he would appear in my room, and serenade me with his latest song, but he never appeared…

Instead, I heard him unleash chaos in the living room. Lots of loud noises and squeaks were resounding from the living room, along with the sound of frantic claws scratching the carpet and the furniture. I can only assume that he had brought me a  gift home, and rather than unleash it in my room, he let it go somewhere in the living room?! I did debate whether to get up and help him find it, but I decided it could wait a few hours.

When I got up for work at 5am, Gizmos gift was still ‘hiding’ so I can only assume that he brought it home for me for valentines day, and the added value of the gift is for me to find it and catch it myself?! I suppose that might be his idea of fun…

Needless to say, its almost 8pm, and I still haven’t found the mystery gift?! I know its the thought that counts, but can someone please tell Gizmo that his gifts are not necessary…!? And he doesn’t need to make a special effort on valentines day…


8 thoughts on “Gizmos Valentines Surprise…?!

  1. Sometimes it is the lack of thought that counts. Gizmo has yet to learn the truth behind the old adage ‘less us more’. Hopefully, as he grows he will learn such wisdom. Until then all you can do is sigh.


  2. Hahaha OMG!! Did your gift appear yet? If it doesn’t you might find it if you follow the smell?🙀
    Can’t help but smile and be amused everytime I read about Giz and his antics!
    😺 I’m happy for you both having each other. He found the purrfect home with you.

    I’m sure he’ll mellow out more and more in the first few years. Minki, the adorable kitty boy that came into our life when I was 10, was just as much a wild one… Redecorating the walls in the same way as Gizmo, shredding EVERY curtain, shredding furniture, and EVERY single pencil and crayon in the house had his cute little teethmarks on its ends. He also loved to hide and then jump out right in front of you, all bushy and then running away. It was so funny. OMG we loved him to bits. When he wasn’t playing around, he was the most cuddly cat and loved to sleep wherever I was. Like with you and Gizmo, the joy and love from Minki was worth every shredded thing ever.

    Minki mellowed out gradually over the first 4 years. He even stopped decorating the walls and furnitrure! I guess he found that going crazy with his toys was just as fun as redecorating the walls and furniture. He never stopped chewing the end of pencils though lol.

    Yeah, it really takes quite a while for their fur to fully regrow on their bellies.

    Hope your gift appears, or has left the house on its own. Have a nice and happy Caturday you both! HUGS and purrs💗


  3. Thanks! I can only hope that Gizmo mellows with age!? Minki sounds adorable and definitely a character!! Regarding Gizmos gift, I can only hope it has made its own way outside, as we haven’t seen any sign of it! Gizmo is very good at telling me that he has ‘lost’ a gift, but this time, he has stopped telling me!? Will let you know if it appears! ♡

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  4. I’m sure he will mellow out after his “wild youth years” lol. They all calm down a bit. 💗

    Minki was def. a character lol. Here is a photo of him:

    Minki always loved to perch somewhere high up. He did the most daring jumps, that made your heart skip a few beats… But he was good at it!😹 I need to scan a couple old pictures finally. There are so many cute pics I have!

    I see! Hopefully the gift made its way outside! Maybe that’s why he stopped telling you?
    Hehe, thanks for letting me know in case it appears lol💗💗💗


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