Gizmos Gotcha Anniversary

Yesterday was exactly a year since Gizmo came into my life. I can’t believe how fast the last year has gone!? When Gizmo first arrived, he was 5 months old, and so scared that he used to hide in the dark under the dining room table if he heard a noise, or if anyone dared breathe too loud.


What a transformation from that timid little kitty, to the boisterous, mischievous (and blatantly naughty) kitty that I now share my house with?! He has almost completed his first mission, and destroyed my curtains. He is also making progress with the redecoration plans and is steadily stripping the wallpaper up to 1m from the floor as well?! As much as I do not encourage this behaviour, he cannot fail to make me laugh every single day and my life would feel much emptier without him!

He is still making good progress recovering from pancreatitis last year, but he still hasn’t fully regrown the fur that was shaved off…but each week he is looking slightly more like a normal kitty!

Admittedly, we didn’t do much in the way of celebrating the one year anniversary of Gizmos arrival, but we did have nice cuddles on the sofa, and lots of playing with his toys, until he decided it was nap time…. again!

So in the past year, Gizmo has helped to mend my broken heart, and also destroy my house?! And despite all this, I wouldn’t change a thing about him… I hope we have many more adventures together in the coming years…


15 thoughts on “Gizmos Gotcha Anniversary

  1. Happy Gotcha Day Gizmo! I know it’s a day late but… Well… Happy Valentine’s Day, too!!! And may you always have plenty of nip.


    PS. Hey, if a kitty isn’t doin’ somethin’ at least a little naughty, a kitty isn’t livin’ right. PURRS.

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  2. Life without our feline friends would be too, too sad! To go to bed at night and have a warm, contented cat, purring loudly in your ear and swishing your face with her tail would be something I never want to miss! Cats do leave paw prints on your heart always! And remember, they were once worshipped as Gods and have never forgotten it!!!


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