Persistent Alarm Malfunction…?

I seem to have a problem at the moment. For the last week, I’ve been woken up at least an hour early every day? I get up for work at 5am, but recently, I’ve been consistently woken up at 4am… Unfortunately for me, I can’t seem to reset the ‘timer’ as there are NO buttons to press, and there are NO batteries involved, it’s not an option for me to change them either?!

There is also no ON/OFF switch. Shutting this noisy thing in a drawer wouldn’t work either, as I guarantee the noise would continue, and get progressively louder…? This particular model didn’t come with a guarantee, but as I’ve had it over a year, I’ve (sort of) fallen in love with its quirky habits, and I wouldn’t want to exchange it anyway…despite the annoying malfunction.

So, why did I get this type of alarm I hear you ask?! Well, I know you shouldn’t buy something purely on appearance, but this is the prettiest, most furry alarm I’ve ever had the chance of getting my hands on. On a positive note, It doesn’t have an annoying ticking noise; but instead, it purrs, squeaks and occasionally meows. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the malfunctioning alarm is also known as Gizmo?!

Gizmos gorgeous eyes…


He is (annoyingly) consistent and reliable, but not only am I struggling with being woken up an hour early, I’m also struggling with the ‘tap the human face’ mode, that often escalates to ‘flex the claws on the human face’ mode if I’m not quick enough to wake up and acknowledge him…?! I’ve tried rolling over and ignoring him, but that seems to make things worse, and the ‘face tapping’ mode gets more vigorous!?

I occasionally get the ‘bounce around’ mode, which resembles a less orange version of Winnie the Poohs’ friend, Tigger, as Gizmo leaps around on the bed without a care in the world?! More often than not, after I’ve awoken, the purr mode begins and Giz lies down on top of me and goes to sleep! Its lucky that I find his purr quite soothing, or else I might be a little irritated by my (extra) early morning alarm!?

I hope this ‘malfunction’ resolves itself as quickly as it started…!? But for now, Gizmo seems quite happy to wake me up, and then sing me back to sleep with a soothing purr…

I love my stripy kitty (with his temporary bald patches), even though we DO need to have a little chat about consistently waking me up an hour early, including on my days off…!? He can sleep at ANY time he chooses during the day, but I have to go to work and pretend to be awake?! Please let me sleep a little longer each morning Giz…!!!?

Gizmo yawning!


17 thoughts on “Persistent Alarm Malfunction…?

  1. Somehow I seem to have been blessed with the perfect cat. She sleeps all night, never gets the 4AM play needs. When I get up to go to the bathroom in the morning Stella gets up and does her ablutions too and then hops back up in bed and goes back to sleep.  She is one in a million!! And beautiful and cuddly too!!

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  2. Ah, she sounds lovely! It’s only recently that Giz has been waking me up early; since he was ill actually, so I wonder if it’s related to that! Since he’s been home, he’s been more affectionate…!? But 4am is the kind of affection I would appreciate more at 5am!?


  3. Who needs actual alarm clocks when you have a cat? Our Paolo does the same thing, and yes, why 4 a.m.? I try to delay him a little longer every morning, but he is so persistent, I just stay up and get him food, and me coffee. 🙂

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  4. I sure don’t know, but as soon as he’s had something to eat he goes back to sleep, while I’m wide awake. I’ve tried leaving a bowl of food out overnight, but he acts like it’s not even there. He want’s fresh food! haha Our other cat just goes along, knowing she’ll get food when he complains anyway. 🙂

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  5. Oh my goodness!😹😹😹😹 Poor you! But soooo adorable! lol!

    He will get out of that phase again for sure. From experience, all my kitties always had all kinds of phases, in which they were doing something different. And it always subsided after a while. I guess it gets boring for them after a while?

    Murli had persistent alarm malfunction as well about 3 years ago… Going off at 3am🙀!!! Every night, exactly at 3am: MrrrrrrMeeooowww! *taps paw on face* and *proceeds to walk up and down on top of me* literally lol! Which in turn made me laugh, because it kinda really tickles lol! Then she’d start purring in anticipation of me getting up to give her breakfast and/or play with her😹 Even though she always has more than enough to eat, and her belly is full when we go to sleep…

    It went on for a couple weeks… I would never get up, because that would make things even worse. Even though I actually feld bad not getting up… Sigh… So everytime she came up at 3am like that, I’d just pet and cuddle her. After a couple of weeks, she started to just lay down next to me and fall asleep again. She either gave up trying to have me get up, or she simply got bored with it all.

    I hope Gizmos alarm starts “working” normally again soon! 😺

    Regarding the bald patches… It takes quite a while for the baldness to be gone from my experience. It’s been like that with my Geenie and with Murli. From what I remember and see on my photos, it took at least 1 1/2 months for her belly to be covered again quite well, and then it didn’t take long anymore until her regrown fur was the same length as the rest.

    Wishing you and Gizmo a nice day! Hugs!
    Murli & I luvz Gizmo! 💗💗💗

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