Gizmo Got His Christmas Wish…

As you may have read in a previous blog post, our Christmas celebrations were dampened by Gizmos ill health and hospitalisation at Penmellyn Veterinary Hospital. (Don’t worry, thanks to the wonderful veterinary team, Giz is feeling MUCH better now and making good progress at home).

Before Christmas, you may remember that Gizmo wrote a letter to Santa asking for a cat tree. Basically, Gizmo had outgrown his ‘normal sized’ scratch post, and was therefore sharpening his claws on pretty much everything else in my house. This included the vintage curtains and the wallpaper. Giz seems quite impressed with his artwork; I cant say I agree?!

Despite Gizmos continued ‘less than desirable’ behaviour, his Christmas wish came true! Unfortunately Santa was unable to fulfil his request due to time constraints and not enough room in the sleigh, but the lovely people at CatTreeUK took on the task instead! Being a tall kitty I knew he needed a TALL pole to scratch on, and with their help, I found the perfect tree! One of my (unusual) hobbies is assembling flat pack furniture, so this tree was a great gift for me too!? I know, I’m strange… *human hangs head in shame*. The tree arrived a few days before Christmas so I had time to set it up and then came the task of hiding it from Giz!? A duvet cover seemed to work quite well…

Can you guess what Gizmo got for Christmas?!


By Christmas day, I had my suspicions that Giz wasn’t well, having already taken him to the vets on Christmas Eve, so his response to the wonderful pile of gifts he received wasn’t quite what I hoped for. He did open a few presents, but not with the enthusiasm I expected…

Gizmo opening a gift from Tillypops Toys!


I anticipated a catnip frenzy; tearing paper, running around like a child fuelled by excessive E numbers, but Gizmos response was subdued. Too subdued. Too well behaved. Too quiet. Of course I understood that he wasn’t feeling 100%, so we decided to postpone celebrating his gifts until he felt better.

Gizmo is a LUCKY kitty despite his naughty behaviour through the year?!


A few days into 2017, when Giz was improving at home, he started to appreciate his gifts! He loves his tree! He can launch himself onto it from a distance, hanging off the rope, and jumping on and off the top sleeping area! And being a tabby kitty, he can easily curl up on his sleeping area and be totally camouflaged! Well, almost totally camouflaged…

As an extra little gift to go with his new tree, I decided to buy him his very own (catnip filled) squirrel to sit in his tree?! I decided that although Giz has come VERY close to catching Mr Squirrel in the garden on more than one occasion, he will (hopefully) never achieve it, so he can have his own squirrel on his very own indoor tree, without having to get his paws wet!?

Giz was also fortunate to receive gifts from Lilys Kitchen, and Tillypops Toys!

Gizmos lovely gifts from Lilys Kitchen!


Giz loves his stocking of goodies from Tillypops, along with the wonderful Raggati Rug!

So as far as Gizmo is concerned, he was thrilled with his ‘Zamunda’ Cat Tree (and he still believes that Santa was somehow involved…I didn’t want to upset him by revealing the truth) but unfortunately for me, Santa didn’t bring the new curtains I asked for… Oh well, maybe next Christmas I will get my wish… I live in hope anyway?! A least I’ve still got Gizmos handsome face to stare at…

Gizmo posing on his Tree!

Thanks to the fantastic team at CatTreeUK who sent me Gizmos tree at short notice! If you are looking for a special tree for your kitty (or other kitty bedding, toys etc), take a look at their website, facebook page, twitter account and instagram account! Gizmo (and his human) HIGHLY recommend…!!


18 thoughts on “Gizmo Got His Christmas Wish…

  1. Thanks for your message. Poor Giz had pacreatitis, and was on a drip for 48 hours at the vets. Thankfully he is recovering well, but condition could come back again in future. At least it would be quicker to diagnose next time!!

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  2. Woo Hoo!!!
    Gizmo iss all better!! And hee got thee kat tree hee so wanted!! An lotss of other grate giftss!!!
    Wee iss toe-tallee happy about all this….
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  3. Such a wonderful ta(i)le. Skeeter II, the Seal Point Siamese who was born on my bed just a few weeks before I returned from Vietnam via aerial med-evacuation flight Christmas Eve, at my parents’ home, became a boon companion throughout our lives together, especially on my often weekly visits to “check in.” I had an equally solid relationship with her mother Skeeter I, whom I had the distinct privilege of bringing through feline distemper just prior to my deployment to Vietnam. I still feel the clawmarks on both forearms as I held her, fed the pill to her and massaged it down her rebellious throat. When some years later and cancer was undefeated I had the signal honor to have her one last time put claws into my shoulders and she walked across my accomodations as her vet gave her that final injection. We nose-kissed and much later I put her to rest under her favorite camphor tree. Like her mom, her daughter, was raised a dog. Sit, fetch (especially spiral-rolled pipe-cleaners which they both would unstretch before returning – who was training whom? – and would insist I share whatever treats (even cheese and apple slices) I would share with our mongrel yellow cur Tiger. My old Marine Corps Kaneohe (Oahu), Hawaii poet pal Bruce Jewett who drives Haiku For Cats at his newly christened Catnap Revue, has a herd of cats in his Mountain View, Calif., home and blogs feline haikury constantly. I think you would enjoy his work.

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  4. I will make more time to swim in Giz’s stream when the hecticness abates – planting, playing in the woods and fields (some call it work). Sometimes I had to put poor Tiger up on that special lower limb of that near-century old camphor tree so he could enjoy the view with Skeeter II…who would parade sometimes around the gardenia hedge to attract some neighborhood bully dogs to chase her and then Tiger would pounce and Skeet would turn about and join the jolly fray. I miss both of them so. Reading kitty up the curtain and other such-themed blogs brings big grins. Thanks.


  5. Like the kids in my neighborhood and throughout my formerly small town of Sanford, Florida (just up the traffic jam from Orlando), all kittens and puppies are mine: and most want to talk…I just have to get down to their eye level and say something (a throaty rumble of a purr or a meow (which, a sister-in-law told me means cat in Mandarin) or a proffered hand’s back for licking or rubbing). Most all respond and by that I am increased.

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  6. Ah, thank you for reading! Gizmo is doing well thanks, but he’s a bit cold at the moment due to his bald patches! I will check out your blog tomorrow! Have a nice weekend. ♡


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