Not the festive period we hoped for…

Its been a stressful festive period in my house. Not because of the pressure of Christmas, but because Gizmo, my beloved (and usually highly naughty) one year old cat, was quite poorly. And how did I know he was ill?! Well, he was being too well behaved; he hadn’t stripped my wallpaper or climbed my curtains for a few days and he didn’t want to play with his favourite toys. Those were the first things I noticed, but this rapidly got worse over the following days.

Gizmo in the wire cat carrier…


To cut a long and stressful story short, between 24th Dec and 29th Dec, I took Giz to the vets on four separate occasions because I was getting more and more concerned. His behaviour was getting more lethargic, he stopped eating and he was starting to lose weight. For the first three visits, the vets were unable to find anything abnormal, and I was told it was probably a tummy bug.

Gizmo looking unwell and quiet…


In true Gizmo style, (even though he was feeling very poorly and hadn’t eaten for a few days) he still managed to lighten the situation slightly on his third visit to the vet. I can only assume he was getting fed up of having a thermometer placed up his bum during each visit, and he was rapidly trying to get out of having it done again, at any cost…

Firstly, I struggled to get Giz into the wire cat carrier, despite him being quite weak and lethargic. Once I succeeded, I placed the carrier (with Giz inside) in the truck, on the passenger seat. I got into the drivers seat and gently drove out of my street and started the short 5 minute journey to the vets. In the time it had taken me to drive out of my road (and without me noticing) Giz had somehow managed to slide out the long pin that fastens the carrier lid?! The first thing I knew about it was when his head popped out of the corner of the carrier as he looked for his best direction to disappear in?! I wasn’t quite sure what to do in this situation?!

Before I really had time to think the situation through, he was out of the carrier and loose in the truck?!! I considered turning the truck round and heading home, but I didn’t want to be late for Gizmos appointment so I reluctantly decided to continue on our journey, driving even more carefully than before! I made it to the vets, having watched Giz avidly explore the inside of the truck, from the leather front seats to the boot, and ending up on the back seat behind me. When I parked at the vets, I knew I had to somehow get Giz in the carrier box before opening a door?! As luck would have it, I was able to catch him quite easily, and put him back in the carrier within a few minutes! Phew…!? His truck adventure must have exhausted him temporarily! Note to self…find another way to secure Giz into the cat carrier on journeys to and from the vets, and not rely solely on the carrier pin?!

Giz does not like being in the car…


Once we got into the vet consultation room, it was decided that blood tests should be taken to investigate his illness further, as his condition wasn’t improving. The vet went to get the assistance of an experienced veterinary nurse, and lets just say that between the three of us, (vet, nurse and myself) Gizmo was NOT happy about having blood taken! We tried for several minutes, in several different positions to restrain Gizmo the Gremlin, but still Giz was NOT going to allow anyone to take his blood. He even had a mask/hood put over his head in an attempt to stop him from seeing the needle coming, but that made things worse! The vet suggested giving Giz 5mins in his cat carrier to calm down, and we would try again, but I had a better idea… I suggested keeping Giz at the vets and trying again once he had time to calm down!

I remember the vet clearly saying that they would contact me in about an hour, to come and collect Gizmo, but by the time I got that call, 5 hours had passed, and they still hadn’t managed to get any blood due to Gizmos continued naughty behaviour!!! It was suggested that another appointment was booked in two days time, and Gizmo was to be sedated for blood to be taken, and possibly other tests at the same time, if his condition did not improve. But the very next day, Gizmo deteriorated again and was sick, so I immediately rushed him back to the vets, making sure that the lid was secured with additional reinforcements this time?!

Gizmos carry case, secured by string…


On this fourth visit, the vet immediately admitted him; sedated him, ultrasound scanned and x-rayed him, and diagnosed pancreatitis within a short time. Gizmo was hospitalised straight away, put on a drip, given medication and monitored closely. Despite being poorly, Gizmo was still living up to his reputation of being naughty, as the nursing team quickly realised?! He successfully managed to chew through his leg bandage and chew through his drip tube in a short space of time!?! As a result of his continued chewing, he was made to wear the cone of shame… a symbol of naughtiness and defiance in his case! I was also told that he seemed to like the sound of his own voice, as he was repeatedly singing a strange rendition of a song that no one could identify?!

Poor nurses got used to the sound of Gizmos voice…!?


After being on fluids and medication, he was starting to feel better, as he used every opportunity to try and escape…at one point, launching himself at a veterinary nurses head when she went to check on him! Thankfully, the nurse is not psychologically scarred by this experience, but Gizmos repeated naughty behaviour ensured he will not be forgotten by the nursing staff anytime soon!!?

After 48 hours of being on fluids and monitored closely by the wonderful veterinary team at Penmellyn Vets (St Columb), Gizmo was eventually deemed well enough to come home on New Years Eve and he continues to recover at home. (Personally, I think his repeated naughty and challenging behaviour got him booted out of the practice, but the nursing team were far too polite to say this…!!). Since 31st December, Gizmo has been recovering at home, using me as a source of heat due to his current bald situation thanks to the shave he had prior to the ultrasound scan…

Gizmo showing off half of his recent shave…


Today, 3rd January 2017, I took Giz back to the vets for a check up. Gizmo was NOT happy about going back to the vets, but he was VERY happy to come home again! Thankfully, the vet is pleased with his progress, and Giz is currently showing no discomfort from his pancreas, so fingers crossed we have found a way to manage the situation. Gizmo is now on a very strict (and expensive) diet for the foreseeable future?! He always did have expensive taste in food, but at this rate, I will be considering selling one of my limbs each month to fund his food bill!?

When Gizmo and I got home from the vets, he found the postman had delivered a parcel for him?! It was a lovely blanket from his friends at Tillypops Toys! This lovely blanket has been keeping Gizmo comfy and warm ALL afternoon! Gizmo is such a lucky kitty! Not only is he feeling better, but hes also getting gifts from his friends, helping him on his road to recovery!

Gizmo tucked up in his stunning Tillypops Blanket!


Always trying to find a positive outcome in the situation, I just want to raise the issue of having pet insurance… until I got Giz, none of my cats were insured, but when I got Giz I was encouraged to get insurance, and Im SOOOOO glad I did. If I hadn’t taken out the policy, I would now be facing a bill exceeding £1000 which I could not have paid; these costs are from consultations, investigation, treatment and specialist care in the space of 6 days. I assumed Giz was a young, healthy kitty, but this experience has shown me that ANY cat can get ill for no apparent reason, and unless you have adequate funds to pay for ANY treatment your beloved kitty needs, insurance cover will be vital should your kitty need medical attention.

Between the time Gizmo was first taken to the vets, to this present day, I have been overwhelmed and touched by literally hundreds of messages from people on social media, wanting to know how Gizmo is doing. These messages are from people across the world who have never met Gizmo or myself, but have gone out of their way to send messages of support and encouragement to us both. The cat community have really helped me stay positive through the past two weeks, and I thank every single person for taking the time to contact me.

Cats have always been special to me, and as I’ve found out in the past 10 days, cat-loving people are pretty special too…

Gizmo is VERY happy to be home!


Wishing you and your cats a Happy New Year…

From Gizmo and his human slave, Leanne x


32 thoughts on “Not the festive period we hoped for…

  1. Thank you, he is gradually improving each day. He is getting his appetite back, and today for the first time in 10 days, he was briefly energetic and playful! Was wonderful to see! I’ve missed his naughtiness…!!

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  2. I am sorry you had so much trouble! I hope Gizmo is better, I know  how scary it can be.

    From: kitty up the curtain To: Sent: Tuesday, January 3, 2017 1:21 PM Subject: [New post] Not the festive period we hoped for… #yiv3278044880 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3278044880 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3278044880 a.yiv3278044880primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3278044880 a.yiv3278044880primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3278044880 a.yiv3278044880primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3278044880 a.yiv3278044880primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3278044880 | kitty up the curtain posted: “Its been a stressful festive period in my house. Not because of the pressure of Christmas, but because Gizmo, my beloved (and usually highly naughty) one year old cat, was quite poorly. And how did I know he was ill?! Well, he was being too well behaved; ” | |


  3. What an ordeal for all of you. I’m glad Gizmo is getting better. And I’m glad you had pet insurance to cover the expenses and relieve the financial stress. It was good timing that his cozy blanket present arrived to help keep his bare belly warm.


  4. Hi Leanne glad to hear that Gizmo is feeling a lot better. Two of my cats (brothers) had pancreatitis and both came through it well. And like you, boy was I glad I had insurance because it cost me zillions. Our kitties are worth it. Happy New Year to you both.

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  5. Thanks for your message! Glad to hear your kitties recovered from pancreatitis too. Im trying to highlight the importance of insurance, as without it, I would not have been able to pay for treatment. ♡


  6. Hello Leanne & Gizmo!! What a rough Christmas both of you had!! Especially Gizmo! I was concerned it took 4 visits to find the Pancreatitis…..thankfully they did before things got worse.
    Darling Gizmo looks so handsome in his new blanket. And the last photo is hilarious….he really looks like ‘the cat who swallowed the canary’….
    I am sending white light of healing & best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Sherri-Ellen ❤
    Pee S: Mee sendss POTP fur Gizmo! Pleeze get well soon mee new furend!
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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  7. Thank you ♡ I was also concerned at how it took so long to diagnose, but giz had no symptoms to start with, just behaviour changes that I noticed. But when he stopped eating, and started being sick, that’s when the vets started to investigate further. Gizmo is such a gremlin that most people wouldn’t have noticed his behaviour change, but I knew he wasn’t right ♡ I know my kitty, and he was rapidly deteriorating in front of me ♡ thank goodness it was diagnosed before he was too poorly to save ♡

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  8. Pancreatitis comes on suddenly in most cats. And the only way we the owners know something is wrong is by the cat’s behavior (or lack of it!) Maybe because of Gizmo’s young age the Vet’s did not think of Pancreatitis?
    I hope he will continue to recover & return to his loveable…ok naughty self!!!!

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  9. Aww bald bellied Giz! Still cute as ever!💗 I’m really so glad he is feeling better! It’s one of those really worrying signs when cats suddenly don’t want to play around anymore and seem so unusually quiet. I find you can even see it in their eyes when they are poorly. You really had a worrying time with poor Gizmo…

    Oh and the blanket from Tillypops is absolutely adorable! 😻 Yay!!

    His lovely face says more than a 1000 words in the last picture😸💗 He seems so relieved and happy to be home with you!

    Murli and I send lots of love, purrs, hugs and pawhugs to both of you! 😸💕

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  10. So lucky it wasn’t renal failure! Gizmo looks like our kitty, who died of renal failure, 18 and a half years old. He had basically the same symptoms but they developed very, very slowly. The meowing and yelling are signs of fear and pain.

    I will forever kick myself (a bit) for not realizing he was ill until quite late. Thought it was all normal for old age…it never is! It is always illness.
    No insurance lol, but i paid for the visits, the special diet and the pills, for the last 2 months of his life after diagnosis. Plus home euthanasia. A couple of thousands, total.
    Kitty also broke his leg at age 8, and that cost about a thousand for surgery. These things happen!!

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  11. So pleased he is doing well! My cat developed Type 1 diabetes – I had no insurance for her and by then the insurance companies wouldn’t take her on unless I paid a fortune. It cost me all of my savings – totally worth it as we had her for an extra 3 1/2 years (she passed away in October) but I will think more carefully about insurance for the future!


  12. Glad to hear the one and only Giz is on the mend. I can only imagine from that picture how vocal he must have been at being forced to wear the Collar of Shame. Vet nurses, like their human counterparts, have the patience of saints, as you and Gizmo both now know. Hugs to the little mischief-maker from all the way over in the Fens.


  13. I feel your pain: our cat has also been ill over Christmas, to the point where we saw the vet more often than we saw our friends! And he has to be sedated for blood tests as 4 people cannot hold him down. I wish Giz a speedy recovery!


  14. Thanks for your message. Yes, unfortunately these things do happen, even to young healthy cats. This has really showed the importance of getting insurance as I’m not in the position to pay massive bills! Sounds like you really loved your kitties, and did everything you could for them ♡


  15. Thank you ♡ By all accounts, his behaviour at the vets was ‘challenging’ and I think he definitely won’t be forgotten by the nursing team for a while!? He was shouting to the nurses a LOT which must have been quite annoying!? ♡

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  16. It’s so difficult when our pets are sick. The poor things don’t understand as we try to console them. I wish Gizmo happy days ahead, and you as well. Thank you for the follow.


  17. Thankyou for saying hi! Yes, it’s heartbreaking seeing our animals suffer. But Im very thankful to the wonderful team at vet practice that put up with his behaviour, and made him better! And also eternally grateful to the insurance company for paying for his treatment! ♡

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