Oh Christmas Tree, your days might be numbered…?!

For about a month, I have been dreading putting my Christmas Tree up. Hearing numerous horror stories from other cat owners, and seeing LOTS of photo and video evidence of cats demolishing trees and generally causing chaos, I will admit to having several sleepless nights worrying if my old (but faithful) tree would survive this festive season…

Regular readers will know that Gizmo LOVES climbing trees outdoors, and LOVES climbing curtains indoors. Therefore an indoor Christmas Tree might seem like the perfect combination of the two, so I was dreading Gizmos reaction to this ‘indoor activity centre’, with various shiny ‘toys’ attached to it?!

With this in mind, I decided to put my Christmas Tree up in stages. I never usually put the tree up until a week before Christmas Day, but once that dreaded day came, I decided to put my brave pants on, and put the tree up. I honestly believed that Giz would demolish the tree at least once a day, and I would need to redecorate it at every opportunity…

Our tree is only a five foot artificial tree, and it is older than I am (I am 29 yrs old, and although I’m not sure of the ‘life expectancy’ of artificial trees, I’m always surprised when this particular one survives another year?!). How the tree has lasted this long is a miracle, as it has had SEVERAL kitties trying to destroy it?! I honestly thought Gizmo would happily join this statistic of kitties striving to finally eradicate the tree. I anticipated that Giz might just claim the prize for actually managing to totally destroy the tree, where other kitties have previously failed…

My much missed kitty, Apricot, last Christmas…

The tree was brought down from the attic, and I put the bare tree in the living room, on the table where it always sits. As this was Gizmos first Christmas with us, I had no idea how he might react. I have no idea how he reacted to a christmas tree last year, but I’m guessing he might have been slightly naughty, being a 3 month old kitten at the time?!

As soon as the tree was placed on the table, Gizmo was instantly assessing it.

Gizmo assessing the tree…

He then jumped on the table and proceeded to investigate this new ‘toy’…

Gizmo sniffing the tree…?!

I added two old chain garlands that we have, and Gizmo tried to eat it. He tapped it, chewed it and generally tried to destroy it, but the tree didn’t give in. And after a few minutes of trying and failing to climb it, Gizmo paid no interest to the tree at all.

I decided to leave the tree on the table overnight, and see if Gizmo unleashed chaos in the dark hours. When I got up for work the following morning, I was surprised (and pleased) to see the tree was still standing and didn’t appear to have been rearranged at all?!

Later that day, I decided to add a few ornaments to the tree and see how Gizmo reacted. Of course, expecting total chaos, I put the cheapest, least liked ornaments on the tree first. Gizmo got straight up to sniff them, but then paid NO attention to the tree. After a few hours of Gizmo ignoring the tree, paying it NO attention whatsoever, I put the rest of the decorations on the tree, along with the (vintage) tree lights. And still Gizmo paid no interest in it?! Weird. Not what I expected!!?

I was initially concerned that Gizmo was ill; he was a bit quiet, and not destroying the tree as I expected, but maybe he is just biding his time…lulling me into a false sense of security before totally annihilating the old tree and everything on it in one night?! Or maybe he WAS listening to me when I said that Santa is ALWAYS watching, and if Gizmo still wants Santa to bring him his dream indoor cat tree, then he should be on his best behaviour at all times, and leave the Christmas tree well alone, or else he might end up on Santas’ naughty list…?!

Gizmo is crossing his paws that Santa hasn’t seen him stripping wallpaper in the last week…?! I guess we will find out on Christmas day…

Gizmo, looking displeased with my tree decorating skills?!

7 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree, your days might be numbered…?!

  1. How could Santa Pawss refuse to give yur sweet face a gift?? Gizmo we are SURE you will get giftss!! An well dun fur nottin deestroyin thee tree! Yur amazin; mee wood have deaded it inn 5 minuttss….iss good fing mee iss a Buudhist/Mewish kitty! Beecause Santa Pawss wood fly rite. over .top. of mee.
    Meowy Katmass an a Happy Mew Year!
    Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=
    Pee S: Can wee bee furendsss??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mee-you Lady Leanne mee sends POTP to Gizmo to feel better soon. Wee iss xcited to know wat Santa Pawss brott him!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~


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