Dear Santa, Please DONT read my blog… Love Gizmo x

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us. I cant believe how quickly this year has gone?! Gizmo has been making his own preparations for the festive season, by sending a letter to Santa, with some information on what he would like to receive this year?!

Gizmos letter to Santa…

As much as I think Gizmo deserves to receive his Christmas wish of a cat tree, I’m not sure Father Christmas will be in agreement as Gizmos behaviour has been less than perfect on MANY occasions in the last 10 months. In light of this, I have written my own letter to Santa, to try and help Gizmos case…

Dear Santa,

I am ‘Gizmos Human’ and I just want to say a few words about my gorgeous tabby friend and why he is crossing his paws and hoping to get a large indoor cat tree from you this festive season. As you will see from Gizmos letter, he has also given you a few other gift ideas if you have room to bring them, but he has set his little heart on a cat tree?! Please pour yourself a large glass of sherry, put your feet up, and read why I think Gizmo deserves some gifts this year despite his repeated (and usually deliberate) naughty behaviour?!


I’m not sure if Gizmo wrote to you last year, but I’m guessing he didn’t as his behaviour last Christmas was probably MUCH worse than the behaviour I have witnessed in the past 10 months…but I can’t be totally sure. I’m yet to put up my Christmas tree, as I fear it will be tortured and destroyed by a certain tabby kitty in my house?!

If you have read Gizmos blog, you may be under the impression that Gizmo is quite mischievous and naughty, and as much as I agree with you, I think I should defend his actions by explaining a few things…

This year alone, Gizmo has had his fair share of trauma. In February, he came to live with me, and that must have been very stressful for his little 5 month old kitten brain. Soon after getting him, he also had to visit the vets to get his ‘jingle bells’ removed, and he had to wear the cone of shame, so I’m sure ANY male kitty will sympathise with him and feel his pain. But perhaps the most traumatic experience was when Gizmo mourned the loss of his favourite apple tree in the garden. Several months on, I’m still not sure Gizmo has fully recovered from the grief, but a new indoor cat tree would certainly help keep his mind off it?! As I have learnt, Gizmo does NOT like the cold wet cornish weather, so an indoor tree would definitely be appreciated by Giz, as he does NOT like getting his paws wet, so I worry how he will cope over the winter if he can’t climb anything indoors without being verbally reprimanded!?


Another questionable activity that Gizmo frequently partakes in, involves nocturnal demonstrations of his noisiest toys. You may have seen that Gizmo frequently wakes the humans up by demonstrating each of his favourite toys at a dark hour of the night, and quite honestly, this could easily be seen as naughty. However, I ask you to look at this from another perspective…at least he is choosing to stay off the streets during the dark hours, and NOT get involved in feline gangs or street crime?! What human needs sleep anyway…isn’t that what coffee is for?!

Gizmos new ‘realistic’ mouse toy…

I hope you can overlook Gizmos way of expressing himself indoors?!  You see, Gizmo is VERY artistic and has a ‘keen paw’ for abstract sculpture and artwork?! His talents are not currently appreciated, but he is frantically trying to win me round!!? Giz frequently expresses his creative talents on my kitchen wallpaper, and (thankfully less often) he ‘rearranges’ my vintage living room curtains. In fairness to Giz, redecoration was needed LONG before he moved into my house, and the curtains are pre-1980s and have seen their fair share of sunsets. So really, Gizmo is trying to do me a favour by helping me make interior decoration improvements in my house?!

If you, your elves and your team of reindeer could find a way to bring Gizmo a big indoor cat activity tree, I hope that Gizmo would be convinced to lay off the artistic tendencies, and use his claws on the scratch tree instead of the curtains and the wallpaper?! I live in hope anyway… And if you have time to stop at Dunelm Mill on your way, I personally have my eye on a lovely set of curtains (matching cushions are also available) that would look perfect in my front room and replace the two sets of curtains that Gizmo has begun to shred?!

Aside from being mischievous, Gizmo also has many wonderful qualities that I think you should know about. These include ALWAYS being pleased to see me, purring to me when I’m feeling sad, cheering me up, and giving me a reason to laugh every single day?! This is usually because he is doing something naughty, hilarious or both… Money simply can’t buy the feeling I get when I’m with Gizmo! He is such a special kitty! He is also very good at ‘giving gifts’. Like for example, the numerous ‘live gifts’ he has given to me and released in my house, and left me to catch and put them back in the garden?!! These include many mice, shrews and a few (very much alive) birds!


Believe me when I say catching wildlife indoors is not as easy as it looks!! And giving gifts JUST to me is not enough for Gizmo… This Christmas, Giz is going to be donating some toys to one of our local cat charities, Clay County Cat Care! This will give the kitties that haven’t been homed yet some special toys to enjoy over the festive season! Very kind of Gizmo, I think you will agree!


I think Gizmo is making the effort to try and rectify the error of his ways (well, several errors actually), and become a better behaved kitty. Gizmo landed his first job a few months ago and is a reliable employee for his boss KittyKit (the BEST kitty boss in the world according to Gizmo!), so I think this shows that he is growing up and taking responsibility for himself, despite his previous behaviour?!


So Santa, if you can find it in your heart (and room in your sleigh) to overlook Gizmos questionable behaviour, you would make him the happiest kitty by making his Christmas wish come true: an indoor cat tree, that he could climb to his hearts’ content, with NO risk of it being cut down and not being at risk of getting his paws wet over the winter months?! (And if you can provide me with two new sets of curtains, I would also be eternally grateful!? I can send you the window dimensions if you think you can accommodate my Christmas wish too…?!)

Best Wishes,

Gizmos Human Slave (aka Leanne) x

P.S: Health and Safety points I feel I should raise before your visit. If you and/or your reindeer are planning on wearing ANY bells, I would strongly advise you NOT to. Gizmo gets VERY excited by bells, and will attack anything that moves whilst a bell is jingling?! It is also worth telling you about the ferocious pet ducks, Trevor and Tulip, who live in the back garden and chase Gizmo on a regular basis as they try to bite his tail. Please also note, you enter my back garden at your own risk!? It is therefore advisable for the safety of you and your team to either park your sleigh on the roof, or in the front garden to avoid confronting the ducks in any way. Mind you, with the ‘avian flu precautions’, the ducks are now safety restrained, so you should be able to deliver without being chased, quacked at or repeatedly bitten?! Good luck…and Merry Christmas!

So for now, all Gizmo  can do is cross his paws, and post his letter to Santa…hoping for his Christmas Wish to come true…

14 thoughts on “Dear Santa, Please DONT read my blog… Love Gizmo x

  1. Aww I think he is definitely on the nice list! Father Christmas won’t be able to put this adorable young kitty on the naughty list 😸 I totally wish him his dream tree! 💗

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  2. Gizmo says purr, which I think means thank you! He still has his hopes on a cat tree, but ive told him that Santa might not have room in his sleigh!? But even so, Giz seems to be giving me extra purrs when he wakes me up in the mornings, so he is still trying his best to impress, even though he is leaving it a bit late to influence Father Christmas’s decision…!?

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  3. Gizmo has amazing artistic talents. But I do think it will be a mighty leap up to that first level on his Christmas drawing to Santa. Other than his interior redecorating activities, it sounds like he’s sure to be on the “Nice” list.

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  4. Hello Leanne: My name is Sherri-Ellen & I am a friend of Natascha & Murli’s in Austria. I follow their blog…
    Came over to read yours & am crying with laughter!
    Your Gizmo & my Purrince Siddhartha Henry are 2 peas in a pod!!!! So we would like to FOLLOW you & Gizmo! Your Apricot was so beautiful.
    I hope you will come visit us at Thee Purrfect Pad & get to know us. You can read about NYLABLUE my previous kitty girl who had a HUGE following….
    I have been blogging since 2005 (I’m old as dirt, HAH!)
    Hope we see you soon!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha Henry aka P SH; Dharth; Dharth Henry & Duders

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  5. Awww, thank you for your comments and lovely to meet you! I’m glad you can relate to Gizmos behaviour with one of your kitties…I honestly couldn’t make up the naughty (and funny) things he does!! Will check out your blog too! x♡x

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  6. I totally relate Leanne!!! Siddhartha Henry’s background is ROUGH>>he got sick along with his 2 siblings & almost died. He was not socialized as the Foster Moms’ had their hands full with the 3 of them & other litters of kittens to tend to. When Siddhartha Henry returned to the Farm & went to live in the house he was a wild child!
    His owner decided to put him up for Adoption>>>I went to ‘work’ the event & somehow ended up adopting P SH only 3 weeks after NYLABLUE was PTS.
    What we write about I do NOT make up either>> P SH is an amazing feline but he has a ‘crazypants’ side to him still…He will be 3 years old in July (Buddha Kat willing!) Hahaha…
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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  7. What a delightful well written blog. I’m hooked. Catching up reading different postings. Of course one of the more current one will show Gizmo’s indoor tree. Keep blogging. Love’em.

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