Cat Naps…Gizmo style!?

As any cat owner will know, cats sleep a LOT, in a variety of unusual (often awkward looking) positions?!! Most kitties sleep approximately 16 hours a day, and like many humans, this makes me a little envious!?

Gizmo likes sleeping in boxes!

There is an unwritten rule that ALL cat owners know; if a cat falls asleep on you, you MUST not move, for fear of waking them up. I’m sure I am not alone when I say that on a regular basis, I find myself with ‘feline paralysis’; pinned to the sofa whilst Gizmo stretches out on me, purring his pretty little head off.

Gizmo will sleep ANYWHERE?!

Only on VERY rare occasion will I actually move Gizmo off me, usually because my bladder starts seriously complaining, but I can assure you that after getting the ‘how dare you disturb me when I was catching up on vital snooze time’ look, it isn’t something I do unless I REALLY have to?! The look of kitty disgust when I have to move him is just unbearable…! He seems to use me like a ‘human hot water bottle’, so at least he values my presence other than at feeding times?!

Gizmo looking comfy!

A few evenings ago, Gizmo decided to curl up on me on the sofa, in an unusual position. As usual, I didn’t want to interrupt his sleep despite being pretty uncomfortable myself?! He happily snoozed, until he heard a noise in the kitchen, and I managed to get this photo!?

The noise in the kitchen woke Gizmo up!!

Cats have this ability to claim the comfiest sleeping places in the house, and regularly change their ‘favourite place’ in exchange for their ‘new favourite place’. For Gizmo, he has a variety of sleeping places that he rotates between. These include the sofa, the back of the sofa, ANY cardboard box, under the dining room table, on top of the central heating pipes on the floor (this is a favourite place when he comes into the house soaking wet), my bed (this is also a favourite place, especially when he is soaking wet in the middle of the night?!), and the current favourite; the top of my wardrobe. In any day, he will switch between several of these locations!


Perhaps the only place that I haven’t seen Gizmo sleep, is outside in the garden. Mind you, this is probably a VERY wise move?! As Gizmo has discovered, its wise NOT to stay still when in the garden (unless I’m there to protect him!?), as the ferocious pet ducks are always ready to chase him?!! So for now, Gizmo enjoys his MANY cat naps indoors!! Very wise kitty…

Gizmo knows NOT to sleep outdoors… unless I’m there to protect him from the ferocious ducks?!

6 thoughts on “Cat Naps…Gizmo style!?

  1. Adorable sleeping poses Gizmo!
    He is just sooo cute! Love the pic you managed to get on the sofa 😸 It’s totally purrfect!

    Lol I feel the same way when Murli naps on me… I dont want to disturb her either, it’s just too cute and I love it anyway.

    Does Gizmo sleep at the same place during the night? Because that’s the only place/time Murli doesn’t change. She’ll sleep in bed every night. Basically she’ll sleep where I sleep, even if I take a nap on the sofa or in bed.
    Thankfully I don’t move much when I sleep, so I remain in one comfortable position for most of the night.

    Gizmos collar is awesome! That blue is great and it looks beautiful in contrast to Gizmos fur. How are things working out with the collar now generally?

    Wishing you and Gizmo a nice evening!🐾

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  2. Well, at night, Gizmo goes through ‘phases’ of sleeping in different places!? Sometimes he is on top of my wardrobe, sometimes he is on my bed, sometimes he is on another bed, sometimes he sleeps on the corridor floor, and sometimes I have NO idea where he is!?
    I’m still working on the collar training, but he has learnt how to remove it himself, so he often leaves it for me to find on the floor, or on the sofa!? Very funny, as he never takes it off outdoors! Hope you and Murli have a lovely evening! It’s a day off for me tomorrow so I’m enjoying a glass (or 3) of wine tonight!!? ♡

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  3. ROFWM>>>Gizmo lookss heelareeus oh meeI means digneefied in his pawsition…..
    Mew mew mew mew…..ok he lookss heelareeus… Pleeze do not tell him mee said that tho’. Mee not want to get off on the wrong paw with him!!!!!
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xx an LadyMum

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