Gizmo Reviews: Tillypops Toys

When the lovely Tillypops Team approached Gizmo to review some toys for them, I immediately agreed on his behalf… You see, Tillypops aren’t just another pet toy company, they are also raising awareness and money for Vasculitis UK in the process.

As an award winning handmade UK pet toy company, Tillypops are quickly becoming well known across social media, and they have a widening range of pet toys, with a variety of themes and colour schemes! As a long term sufferer of Vasculitis, Kyri is determined not to let the illness take over, and decided to make pet toys and donate the proceeds to the Vasculitis charity…a VERY worthy cause.

Gizmo was lucky enough to receive some Halloween themed cat toys from Tillypops in the last few days! Here are some photos of the lovely toys before Gizmo got his grubby paws on them…!

Selection of Tillypops Haloween Toys for Gizmo! Including Sweets, Pompom and Parcel toys!

This evening, I decided to distract Gizmo from the noise of Halloween fireworks, and give him his lovely Tillypop Halloween colour themed toys to play with…

Gizmos Feedback:

“Oh, wow…the first thing that attracted me to these toys is the RIBBON and tassles that move when I touch them!! I could hardly contain myself, I was so excited! My human took so many photos of me playing with my toys, but she moaned at me because most of the photos were just a blur apparently?!! I’m a lucky kitty to have these lovely toys to play with! My human says Tillypops toys are special because they support people with an illness I cant pronounce, but I think Tillypops toys are special because they distract me from the loud noises outside, and the halloween colours blend in with my tabby furr!”

Gizmo and one of the Halloween Sweets!
Gizmo and the Halloween Pompom!
Gizmo looking pleased with his Tillypop Halloween Sweet Toy!

I feel we should all be supporting Tillypops! Tillypops toys are brilliant value for money, and when you buy them, you KNOW you are not only supporting Kyri, but also supporting a very worthy cause… And your pets will love it too!

Gizmo gives BIG PURRS to Kyri and Team Tillypops…!

You can find out more about Tillypops on their website, twitter and facebook too!


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