My Purrfect Gift Box Review – September

Oh wow, where do I start?! When the lovely people at ‘My Purrfect Gift Box‘ contacted Gizmo and I about reviewing the September box for them, I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew the box would contain goodies for me, and a few special items for Gizmo, but I was totally astounded by how special receiving the box made me feel!!? Most subscription boxes on the market are for pets only, but this box includes HUMAN gifts too!! As regular readers of Gizmos’ blog will know, Gizmo is used to receiving things through the post for him, but it makes a change for ME to get something delivered!!

When the box arrived, it was beautifully wrapped inside! As you can see, Gizmo was keen to get stuck into reviewing the box…he takes his kitty responsibilities VERY seriously!? (Plus, I think he got a whiff of the catnip goodies inside…!)

The September Box has a ‘Teatime’ theme, perfect for those chilly days, when the evenings are drawing in, and you want to put on your warmest jumper and curl up with your kitty on the sofa! Here are the wonderful contents of the box…!

Cat Lover Items:

Here are the ‘Human’ gifts!

Mug – I love the cat mug!! Oddly for a cat lover, I did not own a cat mug until this box arrived, so I’m pleased to say this is now my favourite mug and I use it all the time! Its got a pretty smiling kitty on one side of the mug, and on the other side it has “you are my cup of tea” written on it! I think Gizmo is a little jealous of my mug…I think he wants his own kitty mug!

Cat Shaped Tea Bags – To go with the beautiful mug, I also received some amazing cat head shaped teabags from ‘LoJim‘. One flavour is honey, and the other is saffron. I’m not usually a fan of flavoured teas, but I was pleasantly surprised, as I liked both these flavours…but the honey is my favourite!

Tea Bag Holder – Have you ever made a cup of tea, and had to fish out the teabag from the mug of boiling hot tea because the tag and string have fallen into the mug?! Well, now I don’t have to put a spoon on top of the tag to make sure it doesn’t fall in…I’ve got one of these cute kitty tea bag holders from ‘MiniHandsCrafts‘! They are handmade and beautiful!! Perfect for keeping hold of the teabag tag!

Cat Themed Iced Biscuits – To go with the tea theme, I also received two beautiful (and scrummy) vanilla iced biscuits by ‘Nila Holden‘! They almost looked too good to eat, but I forced myself…I’m no good at turning down biscuits or cake?!! One biscuit was cat shaped, and the other said “my cat loves me” so I enjoyed eating these when drinking my tea!


Wax Melt – The last item for me was a pretty jasmine wax melt by ‘PawMelts‘ shaped like a paw! It smelt as amazing as it looks!

Gizmos Items:

Catnip Sweets – The first item Gizmo found in the box were these beautiful catnip sweets from ‘Tillypops‘. Giz loved digging these out of the box and licking them! (I had to take photos when Gizmo wasn’t around…he kept running off with his sweets and it was impossible to get a photo of him that wasn’t blurry!!)

Catnip Tea – Gizmo then discovered the catnip tea bags (yes, you read that correctly… Gizmo can now share a brew with me?!!) by ‘Paw and Gnaw‘. Once brewed, the tea can be served to your kitty (once its cooled, obviously) as a special drink, or you can use it as catnip spray to refresh old toys and scratchposts! The teabags can also be dried out and reused!!

Catnip Tea Bag – Gizmos favourite item from the box was his very own big catnip teabag from ‘FreakMEOWt‘. He loved picking this up and sucking on it, before throwing it around!! A beautiful gift any catnip loving kitty will enjoy!!

And as any cat receiving a box from ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ will tell you, the cardboard box is the bonus gift!!

Gizmo and I would like to thank ‘MyPurrfectGiftBox‘ for sending the box to us to review…it makes a lovely change for ME to receive a parcel, as 99% of the time the parcels that arrive at my house are ALL for Gizmo!!?

If you are a cat lover, and want to treat YOURSELF (or a friend) to a special ‘cat related’ treat each month (with the option of gifts for your kitty too), then this is DEFINITELY the subscription box for you!! You can choose various options to suit your budget, as prices start from £15.95. You can choose to order a ‘one off’ box, or a regular monthly treat!

Dedicated to improving the lives of other kitties, each month ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’ choose a different cat charity, and a percentage of the profit is donated to that charity! So not only do you receive a wonderful box of goodies each month, but you know that other kitties are also benefiting from your purchase too!

There are a limited number of boxes available each month, so get those paws into action, and order your box NOW!

For more information on ‘My Purrfect Gift Box’, have a look at their website. They are also available on facebook, twitterinstagram and pinterest too!


4 thoughts on “My Purrfect Gift Box Review – September

  1. I know exactly what you mean! The MyPurrfectGiftBoxes are TOTALLY amazing and I recommend any cat lover subscribes!! The October box is even more impressive to me, and we will be uploading our review in the next week!

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