Gizmos 2nd Assignment…

Kong Cat Pillow Critter – £3.99

Available from

“Dear Gizmo, here is your September project! The pillow critter is on sale for £3.99, it has catnip in it, and a crinkle sound for you to enjoy too! Hope you have fun! From KittyKit xXx”


Gizmo Review:

Hello Team KittyKit (AKA my Boss),

Thankyou for sending me my latest assignment! I was SOOO excited when the postman delivered my parcel, I wanted to open it straight away! But my silly human wanted me to wait…

Gizmo waiting to open his parcel…

But after a few minutes, I couldn’t wait ANY longer, as I could smell the delicious catnip inside… so I decided to open my own post, instead of waiting for my human to help…!?

Gizmo opening his parcel…!

When I opened my parcel, I was delighted to find a lovely smelling blue toy with a FEATHERY tail… Oh my goodness, I couldn’t hide my excitement with the tail, and it smelt so good I started licking it and chewing it and throwing it around!! I was so happy! I love the noise the toy makes when I pick it up in my mouth, and pat it with my paw!

I’m so happy with this toy, that sometimes I go to my toybox, just to sniff the catnip! And sometimes, I cuddle it when I’m sleepy…but the catnip send me into ‘kitty ninja’ mode…?!


I’m sure LOTS of kitties will love this toy as much as I do! My boss is the best ever boss in the whole world!

Love from Gizmo, aged 1yr


Gizmo Human Review:

Blimey, Gizmo takes his job very seriously?! He literally shredded the parcel so that he could get to the goodies inside!? He is obviously loving his job! Once he opened the parcel, and left ‘jiffy bag confetti’ on the floor, he was obsessed with the new toy, and the nip made him very happy!! He was purring loudly, and throwing himself and the critter toy around! One very happy kitty!

The toy is brightly coloured, with a fluffy tail, and full of nip! Everything Gizmo LOVES!! Its also affordable for kitty owners on a budget! Gizmo has enjoyed many happy hours of fun and excitement whilst working in this assignment!

Gizmo particularly LOVES the fluffy tail…he kept stroking it, licking it, sucking it…

Gizmo likes sucking and licking the toys tail…?!

I’ve had to supervise him with this toy incase he decides to take it outside and show his kitty friends (or scare the pet ducks)…?!! Also, Giz is SO obsessed with the beautiful fluffy tail, that he started trying to brush the tail with his claws, as I was finding a small pieces of blue fluff on the carpet?! But as long as he is supervised, he is a very happy kitty playing with his beautiful new blue toy!

The Kong Cat Pillow Critter is available from KittyKit website HERE! It is available in a variety of colours to keep your kitty happy!

Find out more about Gizmos wonderful employer, KittyKit on their website, twitter, and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram too!

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