Gizmo Review – Kong Hugga Wubba Cat Teaser Toy

For his 1st Birthday, Gizmo was lucky enough to get one of these…!!

Kong Hugga Wubba Cat Teaser – £4.29

Available from

Gizmo human review

Basically, for those humans that haven’t come across one of these before, this is a catnip toy on an elasticated string, suspended from a plastic stick. The toy part is filled with catnip, and has a bell inside to get his attention. The toy itself is a fleecey material that Gizmo loves to chew and suck on!!? This toy is a great way for me to play with Mr Giz and keep my hands at a safe distance…?! When he gets overexcited about toys, he can forget his manners and sink his teeth into the nearest thing, which has been my HAND on a few occasions!!? I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but I now try and keep my hands away when he is in play/kill mode!! This toy is brilliant value for money, and Giz had had many happy hours chasing it round the living room in the last week! It keeps him fit and active, and I get to play with him without losing any of my limbs in the process! Bonus…!


Gizmo Review

When I first tore the paper off this gift, I wasn’t too sure what it was, but it smelt LOVELY and made me purr, so I started chewing it. My human seems to like waving this nice smelly thing in front of me, and I’ve been chasing it around quite a lot in the last week! Sometimes I get so excited chasing this toy that I try to grab the string or the stick thingy that my human is holding! I didn’t like the noisy bell thingy when I first unwrapped this gift, but I’ve got used to it now, and if I’m in a different room and my human picks up this toy, I hear the rattle and come running to see if we are going to play!


If you want to get your hands on this toy for the kitty in your life, here is the link to it!

Find out more about KittyKit on their website, twitter @kittykitcats, and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram too!

Gizmos human would like to say THANKYOU for all the lovely messages he received on his birthday! He is a VERY lucky kitty to have so many people sending him messages! As he was so pleased with his gifts, he wants other kitties (and their humans) to read the reviews on his fabulous birthday gifts and he hopes other kitties’ humans will treat them to some special gifts too!

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