Gizmo Review – Kong Catnip Spray

For his 1st Birthday, Gizmo was lucky enough to get one of these…!!

Kong Catnip Spray – £4.99

Available from

Gizmo human review

Being human, and not affected by the effects of catnip myself, I can only say that Gizmo DEFINATEY noticed that I had been spraying his toys with this amazing stuff!! Even though the bottle is only small, this stuff is STRONG!! I sprayed many of Gizmos ‘old’ toys that he lost interest with a few months ago, and he definitely noticed?!! This spray adds life back into toys and scratchposts that have been ‘forgotten’ about! I’m sure there are other catnip spray products available, sometimes at a cheaper price, but they may not be as effective as this one!! This one WORKS!!! With the help of this spray, Gizmo has had a busy week playing with his new toys, but also the toys that he has been ignoring for months!! Happy kitty = happy owner!

Gizmo Review

I’m not sure why, but my toybox started to smell REALLY good again, so I started rummaging in my toybox, and my toys all smelt as if they were new again?! Is that what will happen on my birthday every year?! I certainly hope so…! I couldn’t decide which toy to play with first, so I ended up emptying my entire toybox onto the floor and then sniffing, chewing and playing with them all! Its almost like my toys have come back to life, but I’m not sure why!!? But I loved rolling about amongst my toys, and I got quite excited and hyper!! My paws were moving SOOO fast my human was moaning that she couldn’t take photos properly… as I was moving so fast that I was BLURRY apparently…!!!


If you want to get your hands on this catnip spray for the kitty in your life, HERE is the link to it!

Find out more about KittyKit on their website, Twitter, and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram too!

Gizmos human would like to say THANKYOU for all the lovely messages he received on his birthday! He is a VERY lucky kitty to have so many people sending him messages! As he was so pleased with his gifts, he wants other kitties (and their humans) to read the reviews on his fabulous birthday gifts and he hopes other kitties’ humans will treat them to some special gifts too!

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