Gizmo, the birthday boy…

Today was Gizmos 1st Birthday!! He didn’t really know what to expect, but for the last few weeks, he knows that there have been two deliveries containing catnip and his naughty human has hidden them away! I made sure that his gifts were wrapped yesterday when he was out of the house, but he knew something was going on when he came home and smelt nip on the carpet!!?

I (wisely) hid the gifts away in the utility room overnight, away from little paws, and I told him he could get the gifts today. However, I told him that the ‘gift fairy’ doesn’t deliver gifts until daylight hours…! This clearly didn’t mean anything to Giz, as at 3am this morning, he tried to get me out of bed, but I didn’t give in…it was still very dark, and I told him the ‘fairy’ would not have been yet…!?

When I got up this morning at 7am, Giz was nowhere to be found?! But I laid his gifts out, along with his breakfast and eagerly waited for his arrival…


I waited. I waited some more. I even went outside and whistled, but all I managed to attract was both my pet ducks, who came running to the back door to see what I was doing. No Gizmo. Hmmm. I (unfortunately) had to work today, so had to leave the house by 8.30am…So at 8.25am, I reluctantly re-hid the gifts, and decided Gizmo would be opening them this evening, unless I managed to sneak home inbetween clients today. Typically, as I walked to my truck at 8.30am, Gizmo appeared!! I told him to make sure he didn’t go far from home today, or the ‘gift fairy’ might send his gifts to another kitty…

Somehow, I managed to sneak home for an hour at lunchtime, and Giz was pleased to see me! I put his gifts out again, and he dived straight into opening them!! He has a real talent for ripping paper… so I’m already looking forward to Christmas?!! He might be opening my gifts for me…?! I suspect we are going to have a kitty up the christmas tree too…


Giz was lucky enough to get a ‘CatPod’ and an ‘Arch Nemisis’ from and a Kong Hubba Wubba Cat Teaser from I’m sure Gizmo will be reviewing these products in the next week or so!!

Giz was SO impressed with his gifts, that by the time I came home from work this evening, he had brought home two live gifts for me?! I did explain to him that this was entirely unnecessary, and just because I had given him gifts didn’t mean I needed (or wanted) anything in return from him! But Giz seemed to insist that I accepted the gifts… So when his back was turned, I went and released his gifts back into the garden…! Luckily, he didn’t see me, as he was too busy playing with his new toys! However, all the catnip he had been exposed to today (and all the running around in a catnip daze) had made him quite sleepy!! So for now, he is snoozing in his new CatPod, and I’m sure he will bounce back to life at dark o’clock in the morning…much to my annoyance!

Thankyou to all his furr friends who have sent him lovely messages today! Gizmo loves you all!! Gizmo is technically now an ‘adult’ cat, but he shows no intention of acting like one…!! Phew…!

10 thoughts on “Gizmo, the birthday boy…

  1. Love your personalised toys may have to get Elli, Puddy , Roo and ben some for Xmas they have cardboard cottages at the moment

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