The look of kitty disappointment…

Gizmo is not having a great week. In the last three days, has brought home three ‘live gifts’ and had all ‘gifts’ confiscated and released back into the wild, where they belong. I was NOT a popular human when Giz realised what I was doing. He probably thinks I am very ungrateful, even though I did ‘exchange’ the live gifts for his favourite sachet of food each time. But according to Giz, that’s just not good enough… He avoided me for hours after I released each ‘gift’ into the garden. He would just stare at me from a distance, making me feel guilty…

Gizmo showing his disappointment…

He is also annoyed with me as a lovely delivery lady has delivered two parcels for him in the past few days, and I’ve hidden both of the parcels from him. The delivery lady now knows him on first name terms, as he was (unfortunately) sitting in the doorway when the lady arrived both times!

He doesn’t know it yet, but its his 1st birthday next week, so the parcels contained a few gifts for him. Anyway, he can clearly smell the catnip that is somewhere in one of the parcels, and now he frequently sits next to my wardrobe (where he knows that parcels are hidden), hoping that I will take pity on him and open the wardrobe and allow him to open his own post. Luckily for me, he hasn’t worked out how to open my wardrobe…yet!? Phew…

Gizmo looks sad, making me feel guilty!!

So, like I say, Gizmo is not happy. He keeps staring at me, with such a disappointed expression on his face. I feel guilty. I feel like a bad human. But I hope next week, when he tears the paper off his kitty gifts and gets high on ‘nip, all will be forgiven…?!! But until then, I will keep receiving the sad stares from one disappointed kitty…

4 thoughts on “The look of kitty disappointment…

  1. Oh! Another young tabby mancat! I have one too, but he has not brought any live gifts yet. Except for maybe a few bugs. I’m sure Gizmo will get over it as soon as he opens his gifts. 😉


  2. I hope so!! In the last 24 hours, I’ve ‘rescued’ another two live gifts, much to Gizmos annoyance…I hope he gets bored of this game soon and goes back to collecting elastic bands that the postman drops outside the front door!!?


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