Gizmo and his love of trees!!

There is no doubt in my mind, Gizmo is a natural climber?!! Indoors and outdoors, Gizmo LOVES to climb pretty much anything that he can get his claws into?! Thankfully, now that he can climb to his hearts content outdoors, he climbs my living room curtains less…! Phew!! The vintage curtains (that have seen better days) are getting a long overdue rest, as Gizmo seems to prefer climbing trees instead!

Gizmo LOVES to climb trees!

Gizmos favourite tree climbing game is to play ‘hide and seek’ with me, whilst climbing his favourite apple tree, but I don’t think he understands the concept of ‘hiding’ yet, as I can always find him, even though his body could be mistaken for a tree trunk I suppose?!!

Gizmo attempting to play ‘Hide and Seek’ – More practice needed…!?

He also seems to like climbing trees and spying on my lovely neighbour, ‘Mrs E’. Gizmos behaviour could be misconstrued as him ‘perving’ on ‘Mrs E’, but more than likely, I think he is spying on her gang of dogs next door, and not the human that is with them. Well, I hope that is the case anyway…!?

Gizmo SPYING on the neighbour
Gizmo SPYING on the neighbour…AGAIN!?

Gizmo can climb the trees so fast, Its incredible to watch, but ever so slightly terrifying too! He hasn’t once needed rescuing, as he can always get himself down in style without falling! He is so athletic and balanced he could definitely win Gold Medals in the Kitty Olympics?!


But unbeknown to Gizmo, the tallest tree in our garden along with his favourite apple tree are due to be cut down at the end of the autumn. They have started looking slightly unstable in the wind, and we have decided that after the apples have fallen, the two trees will be removed. Gizmo will be GUTTED when he finds out, so I haven’t told him yet… But fear not Gizmo fans, he still has plenty of other trees in the garden that he can climb! And I’m sure he will revisit climbing the curtains again when the weather gets damp outside, as he HATES getting his paws wet…?!!

Gizmo LOVES climbing trees!

4 thoughts on “Gizmo and his love of trees!!

  1. All of these pictures of Gizmo were wonderful. He looks like he really loves spending time climbing trees in your yard.

    I wonder which one will become his next favourite tree?

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  2. Oh yes, he just LOVES climbing!! There are other trees in the garden he can climb, but none of the other trees allow him to look over the fence into our neighbours garden?! And he does like staring next door…


  3. Yes, I enjoyed that part of the post as well. Your theory about him being more interested in the neighbour’s dogs than the neighbour herself seems pretty accurate, although I would be a little surprised the first time I noticed a cat staring at me from up in a tree. Haha! 🙂

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