Gizmos First Assignment…

Stainless Steel Bowl Set – £10.99 

Available from

“Dear Gizmo, Please find your first product ready for you to review. This product is available in black and white, and retails at £10.99 although they are on offer for a limited time at the moment…   Love and Best Wishes, KittyKit”


Gizmo Review:

“Hello Team KittyKit (AKA my boss),

Thank you for sending my first assignment. My human says that I need to take my job seriously, and spend less time napping and hunting now that I have the responsibility of having a grown up job, but I’ve told her I can go out partying each night and still do my assignment for my boss. My human has also told me I need to start ‘earning my keep’, whatever that means?

I was pleased to get a parcel from the delivery lady, and it had my name on, so I knew there was something exciting in the box, just for me!! And of course, I love the box too cos I can hide in it, and jump out when my humans walk past. The humans seem to like this game as they shout my name loudly when I do this!

I have loved testing this shiny bowl set for the last few weeks. I have been walking up to it every hour or so, admiring its shinnyness and checking how much food it has in it. The bowl is a funny shape, but has two places where the humans can put scrummy food and I can lick the bowl clean and make it shiny when I’ve finished eating. The humans seem to like the size of the shiny bowls, but I think they should be bigger so I can get more food.


The humans also like the new bowl holder thingy as I don’t run and skid into my bowl anymore and knock all my biscuits over the ‘food room’ floor. Of course, being selective, I won’t eat ANY food off the floor (I think my humans call this being ‘fussy’) but now that my new bowl holder doesn’t move when I skid into it, I can eat all my delicious food from the shiny bowl, instead of leaving it across the floor, waiting for the humans to step on them and complain as they hop around the ‘food room’. The humans think I haven’t seen them pick up all the biscuits from the floor and put them in my shiny bowl, but I HAVE noticed, and am deciding how to train them to stop doing this…

My staff don’t seem to realise that I require feeding at least 38 times per day to make sure that I have enough energy to catch them lovely LIVE gifts such as moths, mice and dragonflies. If I can see the bottom of the shiny bowl through all the biscuits, then I do NOT have enough food in my bowl to survive another hour, and I get quite upset. I usually squeak at the humans, who add a few more biscuits to the bowl so that I cant see my reflection anymore.

Keeping my humans happy is a challenging job as they are slow learners, but I’m hoping to train them to feed me more delicious food whenever I squeak at them, but it hasn’t worked yet. Silly humans. I will keep trying to teach them…they might eventually understand.

I give the shiny bowl set a big PURRRR and think all my kitty friends would LOVE to have special shiny bowls, just like me!

Thank you KittyKit Boss for sending it to me. Its PURR-fect!

From Gizmo, aged 11 months    x

Gizmo likes writing with pencils, not pens…

Gizmo Staff Review:

Gizmo has definitely taken his new job VERY seriously! He has extensively tested this product, sometimes checking it up to 12 times per day; now that’s dedication for you!! (Mind you, that’s partly because he needs to keep checking if I have added more food to it…and the answer is usually no!).

As soon as the package arrived with his name on, he was very interested, and assisted me as I unwrapped it! He was pleased that his ‘boss’ at Kittykit had done such a thorough job of wrapping it for him, and included some bubblewrap that makes a wonderful warm bed to lie on (until he started chewing it of course, as he wasn’t keen on it when it goes pop?!).


The design of the bowl holder is fish shaped, and very sturdy. Although Gizmo will NOT eat fish, of any kind, he was happy to eat out of the bowls! (Phew, big sigh of relief from me! I was worried he might lose his job if he decided he didn’t like the fish shaped bowl!).

Being removable, and stainless steel, the two bowls are super easy to keep clean and hygienic. And the rubber feet on the bottom of the bowl holder comes in very useful when Gizmo comes running towards his food bowl at high speed, very often skidding on the kitchen floor, previously taking his bowl with him! But not now…! Now his bowl stays firmly on the kitchen floor, and he can eat without stepping on the cat biscuits that have been spread over the floor due to the skidding…!

However, Gizmo does have one slight complaint about the bowl… He thinks that every time he looks into the bowl, it should magically refill itself. He has decided that he doesn’t like seeing any part of his reflection in the bottom of the feed bowl, and thinks I am trying to STARVE him if the bowl is not overflowing with food at all times?! I have told him that he is GREEDY and his expectation is unrealistic, and if I fed him more food than he already gets, he would become obese and be too heavy to climb trees and curtains. Plus, I would be financially crippled because of his selective taste in food!!?


Gizmo gives this product a big PURRR (which I think means that he LOVES it!) and recommends it to all his kitty friends!

The bowl is available in BLACK or WHITE, and is available from

Find out more about Gizmos employer, KittyKit on their website, twitter @kittykitcats, and you can find them on Facebook too!

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