Gizmo gets HIRED!?

In September, Gizmo is going to be a year old. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone since Giz has come into my life!! But in recent weeks, Giz has been acting like a typical (human) teenager. He sleeps a LOT during the day, and is awake (out partying, I suspect) ALL night. He has also been treating my house like a ‘drop in’ centre, where he comes in, demands food, and then goes out again. However, I think he has realised that his behaviour needs to improve, as he has been regularly showering me with a variety of gifts, and usually the gifts are very much alive…

Gizmo brings home another shrew...
Gizmo brings home another shrew…

In light of the fact that Giz is growing up, I’ve told him he needs to get a job and take on more responsibilities of being an adult cat. You may think that this is a bit unrealistic, after all, he is still a kitten at the moment, but I think he has many talents that could be put to good use. He also has many talents that I’d rather forget about, such as his ability to ‘artistically’ shred wallpaper, and his ability to run off with my underwear in his mouth at every opportunity, especially when guests are in the house…?!

As Gizmos twitter followers will already know, Giz was disappointed NOT to get considered for the England Manager job. I don’t think he would be considered for the Top Gear job either as he HATES cars, and the Prime Minister vacancy is also now filled…

Recently, Gizmos employment options were narrowing by the day…

But as luck would have it, yesterday Gizmo received an email:

Hello Gorgeous Gizmo!

We hope you are well and keeping your paws out of trouble!? (Please note, we’ve read your blog and know that your paws are usually quite busy, doing something naughty or mischievous…).

Now that you are well on your way to being a famous kitty an all, we wondered if you are interested in working for us before your celebrity kitty engagements make you too busy? To keep your paws firmly on the ground, and avoid fame going to your gorgeous tabby head, we have a job offer for you… We are looking for a handsome kitty to test some gorgeous products and give us some honest kitty feedback.

Now, this is a job I’m sure many kitties would love, but we think your paws are perfect for the job. As this would be your first proper employment, we would like to give you a trial period, and send you your first ‘assignment’ very soon if you are up for the challenge… What do you think? 
We look forward to hearing from you…
Claire and the kits at

Of course, like any teenager offered the opportunity to get his paws on brilliant products to test, Gizmo leapt on the opportunity with all four paws, and accepted the opportunity immediately!

Gizmo is HIRED!

Special thanks to Claire at for selecting Gizmo for this wonderful job…!

So stay tuned for Gizmos first ‘assignment’, COMING SOON…!!

KittyKit are also on Twitter @kittykitcats, and on Facebook They sell a wonderful selection of luxury kitty products ANY kitty will love!


2 thoughts on “Gizmo gets HIRED!?

  1. Not hiring you as England Manager…….when will the FA ever learn?! The national team will just have to struggle on without you.


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