Gizmo and the Mystery Hay…

Gizmos gifts have become a bit weirder in the last few days… Not only does he bring me ‘live’ gifts, like shrews and field mice, but he has recently started bringing me mouthfuls of hay. Yes, you read that correctly. Hay. As in animal bedding, dried grass, that sort of hay…

This first happened on Sunday, and I found Gizmo lying on the living room, next to the pile of hay, looking quite pleased with himself?! I praised him, before beginning to wonder why he is bringing me hay?! Then on Tuesday, it happened again, proving that it wasn’t a ‘one off’ gift, and this might be part of a series of gifts that I don’t yet understand?!

Gizmos first ‘hay’ gift on Sunday

I’m still trying to work out if the hay is supposed to be the ‘gift wrapping’ on another gift, like a mouse, for example. Or is the hay the gift in itself?! Maybe Gizmo is contemplating being a vegetarian kitty?! I’m just concerned that there is a distraught child in a nearby street that has had their pet hamster(s) stolen, along with some of its bedding?!

Maybe Giz has already released the ‘live’ part of his somewhere in my house, because he thinks that I would enjoy playing the human game of ‘mousetrap’ again?! (The answer is a definite NO; after the last episode of catching the shrew myself when Gizmo released it into my house, I’m hoping that I don’t have to repeat that anytime soon!!?). But as yet, I have not seen any evidence of ‘uninvited guests’ in the house, but I’m constantly on the lookout, just incase…

Gizmos second ‘hay’ gift on Tuesday

Hmmm… If anyone has any ideas on why I’m now receiving hay, please let me know!!?

Gizmo would love to hear your thoughts...

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