A human game of ‘Mousetrap’…?!!

Following a succession of LIVE ‘gifts’ from Gizmo recently, I bought him a new (very realistic) mouse toy yesterday, in the hope he wouldn’t feel the need to bring home LIVE gifts. However, I don’t think Gizmo fully understood that he didn’t need to hunt live gifts anymore…

Gizmos new 'realistic' mouse toy...
Gizmos new ‘realistic’ mouse toy…

Today is my last day off work for a while, and I was enjoying a ‘lie in’ until about 7am when Gizmo appeared in my room, leapt on my bed and demanded (in a polite but insistent way) that I gave him breakfast. From previous experience, I know that if I don’t get up straight away, Gizmo will start squeaking, and slowly start destroying the house, one ornament at a time. I begrudgingly got up, fed him and made myself a coffee. In this time, he had gulped down his breakfast, and decided to go outside again. Essentially, he is treating my house like a ‘drop in’ centre I think?!!

So, a little while later, I was watching the news, when I heard several ‘thud’ and ‘bang’ noises from the hallway. Worried that my Dad had fallen out of bed, or tripped over, I rushed to investigate. Thankfully, my Dad was still snoring in bed, but Gizmo ran across the hallway and into my room at speed. Oh no!!! I guessed he had brought me another ‘gift’…

I went into my room, turned the light on, and Giz placed the gift at my feet, and of course, being very much alive, the gift scurried away behind the door. Here we go again, I thought. Giz frantically tried to get (what appeared to be) a little shrew, but it was doing a pretty good job of hiding from him. So yet again, here I am, wearing pyjamas and my fluffy dressing gown, helping Gizmo track down his missing gift. Having learnt from last time, I removed the dressing down pretty quickly, and knelt down on the floor, waiting to try and rescue the little shrew.

I’m beginning to think rodents are attracted to me, as yet again, it came running towards me! I put my hands out to try and capture it, but my reflexes weren’t quite quick enough, and it disappeared between my legs. I bent forwards and watched it run towards my feet, but it must have had the idea to change direction, and come back towards me. However, in doing so, it ran straight up the leg of my pyjamas.

As it happens, I have no fear of rodents (which given the recent events in my house is a pretty good thing!). So Gizmo is yet again looking totally lost, sitting on my bedroom floor, wondering where the shrew disappeared to this time, and I’m trying to locate said shrew inside my pyjama bottoms. Not an easy task, I can assure you, as I was trying not to let Giz see that there was movement inside my clothes…just incase my leg became the latest climbing frame…!?

As I stood in my room, pulling open the bright pink PJ bottoms, I caught a glimpse of the little creature. Now, having never been in this situation before, I really wasn’t sure what to do for the best. I was trying to decide whether I should carefully make my way outdoors, hoping that the ‘gift’ stayed inside long enough for me to get outside. My other thought was to remove the PJ bottoms whilst still in my room, and try and catch the shrew in my hands before releasing him. However, both options might involve the neighbours reporting me for indecent exposure but I decided it was a risk I was willing to take in this circumstance…

As it was, the shrew made the decision easier for me. As I had another glance inside the PJs to check my visitor was still there, he had run up one leg and down the other, and as I peered inside, he then climbed out over the top, down the outside of my trousers and quickly legged it under my bed. Giz had already lost interest by this point, and had gone back outside…probably to find a replacement gift…

Hmmm. Not ideal, there are SOOO many places for a shrew to hide in my room, that I decided to turn the light off, leave my bedroom door open, and hopefully I would find it somewhere else in the house (hopefully before Gizmo…).

So a few hours later, I was sat with my Dad in the front room, drinking yet more coffee, when we both noticed something small run past us and into the office. I leapt to my feet and followed it, trying to see where it had gone. Anyway to cut an extremely long and eventful story short, Dad and I both ended up on our knees on the office floor, watching the shrew run behind different objects and hiding from us, making several unsuccessful attempts to catch him. Dad and I then ended up removing books, chairs, files and everything else that the shrew was hiding behind, essentially pulling our office apart in the process.

Despite my Dad not having the quickest responses (being over 70yrs old, I really wasn’t expecting him to actually get involved with the ‘mousetrap’), he did somehow catch the shrew under a plastic food container as it ran out from under the desk. We were both relieved, and as we sat on the floor discussing his impressive reflexes, the shrew escaped from under the lightweight container and went on the run again!? It reminded me of watching ‘Tom and Jerry’ as a child! Just when you thought it was all over, Jerry somehow got away…

We had a few more opportunities to catch the shrew, (now affectionately known as Jerry), but he was FAR too quick for us! We did lose sight of him a few times, and we considered giving up the search. (Obviously now we know how Gizmo feels…?!) But I eventually spotted Jerry emerge from under the cooker in the kitchen, and run into a corner. I would like to say that I caught him at this point, but yet again, I missed. My 28yr old reflexes obviously need more work…!! Anyway, after setting up a few boxes, some time later, Jerry finally decided to go into one, and I managed to put a temporary lid on it, held down securely by my Dad.

I guess we should apologise to Gizmo. He makes catching rodents look effortless. Dad and I have both learnt that it is NOT as easy as it looks today!? After playing the human version of ‘Mousetrap’ with the added humour of ‘Tom and Jerry’, Dad and I are now finding a new respect for Gizmos hunting talents. However, we would be happier if he didn’t keep misplacing the LIVE gifts in the house and leaving US to catch them…AGAIN!!!

(Don’t worry, Jerry was released into the garden totally uninjured…)

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