Gizmo attempts to make friends with the next door neighbour…

Nine month old Gizmo is quite the explorer! He now regularly takes himself off for hours at a time, reappearing when its feeding time, or just before it goes dark. But most of the time, I believe he is in my next door neighbours garden…

‘Mr A’ as I will call him is a lovely retired chap, with a stunning garden. His garden is beautifully laid out, with various trees, shrubs and bedding plants thoughtfully laid out, and not a single leaf appears out of place. He also has a huge bird feeder to keep the wild birds happy, and lots of potted plants, along with various seating and benches around the garden. Mr A loves wildlife in his garden, but isn’t a fan of cats. My previous cats have all tried (and failed) to win over Mr A with their feline charm, but so far, no cat has succeeded…

On the first few days when we released Gizmo into the outside world, he would stare longingly through the fence into Mr As garden, but any noises from his garden, and Giz would run back to me. Mr A often has the radio on (and it can be quite loud, especially when ‘The Archers’ is on), and the noise made Gizmo a little bit weary of exploring in there. We were quite relieved at this, as it meant that there was less chance Gizmo would decide to use Mr As perfectly manicured garden as a scenic litter tray…

As cat owners, we can appreciate that not everyone wants other people cats to leave unwanted ‘presents’ in their garden, so we understand if neighbours want to discourage cats from visiting their garden. Mr A didn’t immediately realise that the latest tabby intruder into his garden belonged to us, and for the first few days, all he had to do was look at Giz and he would run home, tail between his legs. When Mr A eventually realised the Gizmo was going to be a regular visitor, he was slightly more tolerant of him, but still tried to shoo him out (in the nicest possible way!) at every opportunity when he saw him.

Gizmo has tried to make friends with Mr A, but so far, it hasn’t worked. One day, Giz nearly pushed his luck too far… Mr A was having an afternoon snooze on one of his garden benches in the sunshine, and unbeknown to him, Giz was sitting next to his left leg, staring up at him! I was relieved that Giz didn’t decide to jump on Mr As lap and induce either a terrified scream, or heart attack!!

Gizmo has plenty of nearby fields to explore, so we hope that Giz would take the hint and leave Mr As garden alone, but as yet, Giz is still trying to win him over… Anyway, to cut a long story short, Giz now spends a LOT of time in Mr As garden, probably without Mr A noticing. Giz has regularly proved that he is not interested in hunting birds in Mr As garden, and to our annoyance, Giz is also not interested in chasing the pesky squirrels that dominate both our gardens either, he seems more interested in making friends with them?! Mr A has said that he would be happy if Gizmo got rid of the elusive mouse that hides amongst the flowerpots, but as yet, Gizmo has shown no interest in the mouse at all. The only creatures that Giz shows any interest in hunting are bluebottles and daddylonglegs?! Hmm…

Last week, Mr A went away on holiday for a few days, and Giz spent a lot of time staring into Mr As conservatory, looking for him I think. Giz was possibly missing his daily fix of ‘The Archers’ too. I just hope Giz didn’t leave Mr A some ‘welcome home’ gifts in his garden for when he returned… That will definitely NOT help Giz win Mr As affection… Until Giz delivers Mr A the elusive rodent hiding amongst the flowerpots, I don’t think their friendship will grow… but Gizmo isn’t one to give up easily… Gizmo is hoping his persistence will pay off…?!!



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