Gizmo is now climbing trees, instead of curtains…

Poor Gizmo has had a rough few days. After the flea treatment fiasco on Tuesday, Gizmo decided to stress me further on Wednesday by totally disappearing! (I think this was payback for taking him to the vets on Tuesday…) Anyway, to say I was stressed on Wednesday was an understatement! I wasn’t too concerned until he didn’t return home for lunch at 1pm ish. As fussy as he is with food, he NEVER misses lunch. So, trying not to act like an overprotective owner and crazy cat lady, I decided not to panic… Well, I waited about half an hour before I actually panicked. I ended up calling for Giz, whistling for Giz and shaking his favourite rattly toy, and nothing. No sign of him at all. And the oddest thing was that I knew he wasn’t going to come. At this point, panic really hit me!

I live in a lovely quiet street, where all my neighbours are nice. I couldn’t just sit at home, hoping he would return, I needed to physically do something. I decided to walk to one end of my street where there is an overgrown field. I met a neighbour who said that he had seen Gizmo in his garden early in the morning, but he was having a fight with a bigger kitty, and they both ran off and hadn’t been seen or heard since. I think it was at this point that my heart sank further than I can describe. I couldn’t bear the thought of Giz being injured, or fleeing in panic. So I then went a little bit frantic with my search…

I roped in two neighbours (who aren’t really that keen on cats!!) to physically help me look for Gizmo, and we met another neighbour during our search. By 5.30pm we had searched (most) of the neighbourhood gardens, looked up trees, under bushes, checked garages and sheds, and walked a few miles down the country lanes, fearing the worst. Unable to find him, we returned home without any sign of Giz, and I sat down, totally devastated. About 5 minutes later, Giz sauntered in through the back door, 10 hours after he was last seen at my house, as if nothing was wrong at all. He was looking pretty tired, but without a scratch on him. He ate his dinner, and willingly stayed indoors for the rest of the night.


But since his disappearance on Wednesday, he hasn’t been quite himself. He has been lethargic, and he hasn’t climbed the curtains once, so I knew he wasn’t feeling well. Yesterday, I was so concerned I spoke to a vet about him as he had a very poorly tummy, and was even more lethargic than the day before, but he was still eating and drinking. The Vet said it sounded like a tummy bug, so I picked up some special (but ridiculously expensive) cat food sachets, and (touch wood) he seems better today.

He is feeling so much better, that he has spent all afternoon playing hide and seek with me whilst climbing trees; scaring the life out of me as he had ‘wheelspin’ on several occasions where he went up the tree trunk too fast and bits of bark flew off where he lost traction! He can climb trees even faster than he can climb my curtains!! Shocking (but quite impressive) to watch!! He is definitely skilled when it comes to climbing trees, and as yet, he hasn’t needed any assistance to get down from the trees either, but I’m sure that day will come. I just hope that if/when that day comes, there are some good looking firemen on duty…?! At least Giz is now climbing trees, instead of climbing my curtains for a change…! I guess that’s a good sign…!? He must be feeling better…

If he is still feeling a bit poorly tomorrow, I will take him to see the vet, but fingers crossed, he is on the mend now…


6 thoughts on “Gizmo is now climbing trees, instead of curtains…

  1. Sounds like you have some nice neighbor’s, even if cats are not their best choice! It seems like you live on nice street ~~~ How Lucky! That’s a good thing! I am glad kitty ends up fine~~scary when you don’t know what the doctor will end up saying! Did you say the kitty might be climbing trees again! And, there’s a Fire Department there that CARES???

    When I was robbed at different location, my house was turned upside down! My kitty, Missey, must of been terrified! She probably hid, and then lept out the window the burglars opened to throw things out that window (maybe her too!). It was scary. And I heard her meowing to me from up a tree!! Fire Department say “we don’t get cats outta trees, lady!” I stay up all night, coaching her/calming her, being there for her. She came down in the morning. I was so HAPPY!! Then I had to go to work. I got there and my blouse had gotten dirty because I hug & kiss my kitty~Cat! Stupid boss say stupid thing “what you been doing? Laying out all night?” I NEVER FORGET THAT. BUT I WISH I COULD! That was a long time ago!

    Thank you!

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  2. Thankyou for your comment! Our kitties cause us so much worry don’t they?! It’s a good job that they give us lots of cuddles in return! It sounds like your kitty had a scare when you were burgled, how awful for you both. Glad you were both reunited, even if your fire department were not helpful.

    Yes I’m lucky to live in such a nice place, with caring neighbours! Hopefully Gizmo won’t make a habit of disappearing though!! I can’t cope with the worry!


  3. Gizmo is definitely a pro at tree climbing! He is (thankfully) also good at ‘clinging on’ when the wind starts blowing, and he is so high up the tree that it moves about 3ft each way in the wind?! His claws were definitely sharpened yesterday by holding onto the tree. I just hope he doesn’t use these sharpened claws, and his refined climbing skills on my curtains!!?

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  4. Lovely photos! It’s so scary when they disappear, poor you. I thought of your funny stories the other day when my hubby shouted “Stop that!” to my Effie for scratching the sofa. She gave him a look of utter contempt, sauntered over to a pile of his shirts I’d just fetched in and, while still looking at him, pee’d on them. Then ambled off with a “that’s what you get for raising your voice to me” air! I told her that it was all very well and good, but I was the one who was going to have to wash them again. She gave me a nose-bump by way of an apology!

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  5. Yes, I think your cat got her revenge on the wrong person!! At least she apologised to you! I’m pleased with the photos. They have all been taken on an 18 month old mobile phone! I’m due for an upgrade later this year… Must make sure I get phone with good camera again!

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