Off to the Vets we go…

To be honest; today could have gone better… The day started in the usual delightful way; Gizmo jumped on my bed minutes before my alarm went off, purring away, rolling on me, and making me feel like a very loved human. After getting dressed for work, I put some food in his bowl so that it distracted him long enough for me to get out of the house without being followed.

On my way home from work, I remembered that Giz is due for another flea treatment today, so I popped into my vets to get another dose for him. I suspected that he would not be too happy about my plan to administer these drops, but having applied this treatment successfully to MANY cats before, I didn’t think Gizmo, my adorable 8 month old kitten, would prove to be a problem…

So, when I got home from work, Giz was sooooo happy to see me as usual…he was purring, running around my legs, throwing himself on the floor infront of me, and generally being VERY friendly! How cute! He always makes me feel like a lucky human when I arrive home! That’s why I feel so guilty about what happened next…

As he sat on the kitchen floor, totally unsuspecting of what was about to happen, I decided to discreetly sidle up to him and apply the drops to the base of his neck. This plan was all going well until mid application, when Giz realised what I was doing and he leapt in the air, seemingly appalled my behaviour. In the process, some of the drops hadn’t had time to settle onto his skin and dripped down his neck. Then he decided to take a closer look at what his cruel human was trying to do to him, and he twisted his head and neck into a position that I didn’t think was possible for a cat. Just so you know, it IS possible for a cat to spin his head and neck right around, and lick flea treatment that has dripped from the base of his neck. As you can imagine, Giz did not approve of this taste, and proceeded to run with his tongue hanging out, and his mouth open, shaking his head. It was at this point that I exhaled several expletives, and phoned the Vet.

After describing what had happened, the Vet recommended that Giz came in to be checked over, but they didn’t have any appointments for 2 hours. Nevertheless, I agreed that Giz should be checked over so I booked the appointment. I was told to supervise Giz, and look out for signs of abnormal behaviour, and ring them back if I had any concerns or if any symptoms occurred. I put the phone down, and breathed a sigh of relief…at least he was going to be checked over by a Vet today. It was at this exact moment that Giz decided to leg it out of the house and into the garden. “Oh s?#*” I muttered. In my flustered state, I’d forgotten to shut the back door…

I followed the little rascal outside, to try and coax him back into the house but it was too late. He had obviously heard me talking to the vets surgery and knew what was in store for him, so he had already disappeared. Hmmm. Not ideal. Anyway, to cut a long story short, despite my best efforts, Giz didn’t reappear until 5 mins before his appointment time! In the meantime, I had been frantically searching nearby gardens, and phoned the vets and asked them if I could change my appointment time. So as soon as Gizmo reappeared, seemingly oblivious to my attempts to find him for the past 2 hours, he was whisked into the cat carrier and immediately taken to the car, before he decided to leg it again. Off to the vets we went…

The Vet examined him, and said he saw no adverse effects of ingesting the drops and advised that I take Giz home and keep him under observation. The Vet told me the side effects to look out for, and if I was concerned, I could bring him back to the practice. So with that outcome, Giz came home with me, and has been giving me the most awful, soul destroying stares for the past two hours (inbetween snoozing in the sunshine on his favourite chair). He desperately wants to go outside, but until tomorrow, he is under strict Vet instructions to stay indoors. If looks could kill, I think I would have lost at least one limb by now.

So here I am, feeling like an awful human for contributing to today’s mishap that was entirely preventable. I hope that by tomorrow, Gizmo is feeling better, and he hasn’t had any adverse side effects.

(Note to self: Gizmo is NOT happy about having drops put on the back of his neck, and this is not a task to attempt on my own…multiple helpers are required…).


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