Fan Mail…!

Gizmo is so lucky! His post has been far more interesting than mine has been recently! I consider myself lucky if two days go by and I don’t get a bill through the post?! But in the last week, Giz has received a selection of vouchers through the post for various kitty related items, free samples of a cat food he wont even consider eating, and today he has received some fan mail from his new friends at! After reading Gizmos’ adventures, his latest fans have sent him a selection of beautiful toys for him to play with, in an attempt to save my living room curtains from further damage?! Fingers crossed this plan works, as my curtains are starting to feel the strain of a 4.2kg kitten (that is still growing) and who still insists on climbing the curtains on a regular basis…!! Its looking like the curtains will ‘give up’ long before Gizmo does…

When the package arrived, Gizmo was staring out of the window as the courier walked to our front door. Even though I was not expecting any imminent deliveries, I was disappointed when I saw the parcel was addressed to Gizmo and not me! After closing the front door, I whistled for Giz, and he came bounding into the hallway. I placed the package on the floor, and Giz went straight to it, having a good sniff, examining it from every angle. At this point, I could have opened the package myself, but Giz beat me to it; after all, it did have his name on the address label so I thought it was only fair that he opened it himself!


He scratched the wrapping with his claws, before sinking his teeth into the corner of the package, tearing off bits of plastic. As the package was so well wrapped, (and as I didn’t want to be removing plastic from his mouth for the next 10 minutes) I helped him out a bit, by removing the external layer of wrapping. This uncovered some lovely tissue paper, and an envelope. As Giz doesn’t have opposable thumbs (much to his frustration), I decided I ought to help out with opening the envelope as he really didn’t stand a chance of opening it on his own. Plus, it would give me the chance to open something that I was confident wouldn’t turn out to be a bill… During the time it took me to open the envelope and read the card message to him, Giz was thoroughly enjoying tearing the tissue paper into shreds, and he uncovered his new toys in no time at all, leaving a pile of tissue paper confetti on the floor!


Giz is always losing his toy mice around the house (well, I say losing, but I’m sure he knows where they are, and he just pretends he has lost them so that I buy more toy mice for him…well known bit of kitty logic); I’m confident there must be a huge stash of them somewhere, but he hides them well! I believe this is a common kitty activity, so thankfully for him, the lovely team at sent him a charming selection of gorgeous toys to keep him occupied (and ultimately, add to the collection of toy mice deposited somewhere in the house)! Immediately after revealing his new goodies, he picked up his new favourite toy, a gigantic white catnip infused mouse with a pink tail! At least Giz should find it harder to ‘lose’ this gigantic mouse (or maybe I will just find it easier to locate the missing mouse than the usual miniature mice?!). He pounced on it, and tossed it up in the air several times, before running off in a catnip infused state of bliss. This lasted for about 30 mental minutes, before he had totally exhausted himself out with the excitement of the day, and collapsed on the armchair, looking quite pleased with himself! I’m sure he will play with the other toys tomorrow, once he has misplaced the big mouse!!?


I’m pleased to say that Gizmo LOVES his new toys (and on his behalf I want to say a huge thanks to the team at – Gizmo likes the look of several different items on your website so I’m sure I will be buying some of them soon!). Thanks to you, Team KittyKit, my curtains have lived to see another day!! I just hope this experience doesn’t lead to Giz getting a bit too friendly with the postman and various couriers in the future, assuming that he is going to receive gifts and fan mail every day…?!

After seeing the news story recently where a cat has been attacking the postman, I really hope Giz doesn’t decide to copy this example of unacceptable feline behaviour!? But just incase, maybe I should warn the postman, and keep the first aid kit on the front doorstep…

2 thoughts on “Fan Mail…!

  1. Gizmo is adorable……I should know since I’m also adorable (but a whole lot older than he is!). Anyway, it’s fun to get fan mail AND especially treats from pet stores/food suppliers and even FANS! Surprises are great. I hope you and Gizmo have tons of fun – it must have been very hard to say goodbye to your previous kitty after 19 years.

    Love, Sammy (and Mom Pam)

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  2. Hello Sammy (and of course your Mom Pam as well!). Gizmo was delighted to hear from you, thankyou for your comment! He loved getting his fan mail last week! He is the fussiest kitten when it comes to food though, so he doesn’t like treats (believe me, I’ve tried!!) and he is ultra fussy about his food! Luckily, the lovely gifts that he received were all toys, so he was delighted with them! Has Sammy ever received fan mail, and if yes, what did he get? It was very hard getting over the loss of my previous cat, but Gizmo is helping mend my broken heart, one day at a time. Love from Leanne and Gizmo x


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