A bit of privacy…please Gizmo!!

I’m not sure if I should be flattered, or slightly concerned. Gizmo goes EVERYWHERE with me. And if he isn’t following me through the house (or trying to trip me over as he weaves between my legs), I can call his name or whistle at him, and he comes running!! How cute is that?! But as much as I love him dearly, there are times when I would like a bit of time apart from him. Particularly, I would like a bit of privacy when I go into the bathroom. I’m sure fellow cat owners can identify with this, but I think Gizmo has taken ‘following me to the bathroom’ to extreme lengths. Its almost as if he wont let me go into the bathroom unsupervised!?

He has been like this with me (and only me!) since about a week after he moved into my bungalow. No one else in the house has this particular ‘Gizmo related problem’, so cannot appreciate the bathroom ritual that now happens several times a day. To start with, it was amusing when Gizmo legged it into the bathroom before me, but now its his normal behaviour and I actually go out of my way to look for him (and sometimes call him) before I close the bathroom door?! Does that make me weird?!

You see, this is the problem I have… If I go to the bathroom without him and close the door without him being with me, he literally starts ripping the door apart in his effort to come in. The door has the claw marks to prove this and I’m not sure how much more abuse the door will take before it has a permanent hole in the bottom corner. Giz will squeak and make some peculiar sounds to vocalise his annoyance at me for shutting him out, before repeatedly scraping his claws on the bottom corner of the door and trying to claw his way in. In an attempt to try and save the door, I often call or whistle for Gizmo as I’m walking towards the bathroom, and he gets so excited as he hurries down the corridor at speed in his attempt to get into the bathroom before I shut the door.

Once in the bathroom with me, and after the door is closed, he has this habit of sitting in the bath, watching me!? Those two big eyes look over the edge of the bath, staring straight at me! This was quite distracting two months ago, but yet again, this is now normal behaviour for us as I’ve learnt to ignore him?! Once he has stared at me from inside the bath, he will often clamber into the handbasin and either lie down, try and drink from the tap or throw himself from the basin onto my legs as I’m sat on the toilet!! Once I convince him to get off my legs, the final part of his bathroom routine is to launch himself at the light cord that hangs next to the door frame, and play with the cord like a pendulum, hitting it repeatedly with both his paws until I am ready to open the bathroom door and release him back into the house. I believe it wont be long before he takes a proper hold of the cord and scares himself senseless by actually turning the bathroom light on!!

Another fascination Giz has is the toilet itself. Shortly after he moved in, Giz decided to climb into the toilet bowl and got a bit wet (well, drenched is a better description!) Weirdly, he didnt seem to mind this, but ever since this incident, the toilet seat and lid have remained permanently down unless the toilet is in use to avoid a repeat!

But I fear the bathroom may soon be filled with more Gizmo activities… The other evening, whilst going through the (now normal) bathroom routine, Gizmo discovered the toilet roll holder hanging on the wall, with a crisp new white toilet roll dangling from it. I think I held my breath at this point, hoping Gizmo hadn’t just witnessed me use it, but unfortunately it was too late for that?! He sat staring at it briefly, before beginning to tap it with his paws. The toilet roll rotated, and paper began to flail off it! Uh oh!! I had visions of getting up the following day and finding a continuous trail of toilet roll confetti throughout the house, and then finding a kitten that resembled a domesticated snow leopard. However, thankfully, he seems to have forgotten about this new toilet roll play thing…for now!? Phew…

IMG_20160429_150531109_HDR - Copy

3 thoughts on “A bit of privacy…please Gizmo!!

  1. Hahaha! Everything you write, I think “That’s just like Effie!” We even have exactly the same bathmat!


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